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fashion stylus pen

Buy quality fashion stylus pen at our online store at low prices. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Of course, you can find them from touchpad stylus pen, universal stylus pen. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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fashion stylus pen Customers Reviews

  • At this price it's a winner.

    posted by liram

    It just works.
    While mostly using my SGS2 and IPAD with my finger, I bought this pen just to test-drive styluses.It is very comfortable to use it. It moves nicely over the screen without leaving any marks. It sure comes handy when you want more precise actions and for drawing (Draw Something anyone?).
    Yes, there are better pens than this one, but not in this price. After reading the reviews I was surprised that the build quality is ok.Personally, I don't use it every day. But when I am, it is doing its job.
  • An awesome little stylus!

    posted by SnakeEater5050

    -Nice matte silver finish-Has that thing that allows you to clip it onto your shirt-Very high quality-It feels sturdy, unbreakable and expensive-The size is great (i thought it was going to be smaller, but it's awesome)-It's ultra precise-You don't need to use a lot of force to use the stylus
    -It's great for drawing on iPhone (apps like Scribble or ArtStudio)
    -Pick a colour you like and definetley buy it, you won't regret it!
  • very light and functional

    posted by randytan123

    - allows you to swipe the screen without smudging the screen with your finger print marks- more accurate than your fat fingers (if you happen to have them)- it's cheap - it's very light- unique shape that makes it different from the rest of the touchpad stylus.- works well with my Galaxy Tab 7.7 and iPhones
    the stylus is too light for some people to like it. But it's actually like it light. Those who expected it to be heavier so they can write on capacitive touch screens will be dissapointed for 2 reasons:1. It's not going to be accurate enough for you to write on the screen. (if the device doesn't come with digitizer embedded on the screen). This is the case with most of the tablets.2. it may not even work properly on digitizer equipped tablets. Like the case with my Samsung Slate PC series 7
    it's for your capacitive touch screen tablets and phones (without digitizer) like Galaxy Tab, iPad or phones like iPhones.It's cheap and it's light, doesn't leave finger print marks on your capacitive touch screen.- works well with my Galaxy Tab 7.7 and iPhones
  • Good Buy

    posted by Trasana

    -Super cheap
    -Does the job it was made for
    -Very light
    Looking at the picture of the product, I assumed it was made of metal but it's actually made of plastic with metallic coloring. No big deal to me though. Makes it much lighter to handle and the price alone more than makes up for it!
    Though the shipping process took some time, just a little over two weeks, it was well worth the wait for the price I paid! Other places I've gone to were selling styluses for $19.99+.

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