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  • Good flashlight, but maybe 1400 lumens

    posted by JCBIKER

    I bought on July 6 and received it on July 31.I wait only 25 days to receive it in Brazil.Well, unfortunately this flashlight do not have 2200 lumens.Compared with sku.57003 that has only one T6 led, this Fandyfire has a litle bit more throw but almost the same intensity.It is very well built and its components seem to be of good quality.It's light is warm (yellow) - Color Temperature: Warm - 2800 to 3500k. Sku.57003 is white, maybe 6400k.It is heavy to put on the bike, but I made some changes and now I can use it on night rides because it become lighter and smaller.You can see how it became on my photos hear in DX and through: http://imageshack.us/g/7/image006mg.jpg/
    Good product. Very well done.It is a beautiful flaslight.The tube (which stores two batteries) is thick and the switch (both) makes the flashlight even heavier.Good product, but do not mistake yourself, it has not 2200 lumens, maybe 1400.
    Good product, but heavy, warm light and maybe 1400lumens.
  • How bright?

    posted by Goldcroft

    This torch is bright - VERY bright, but then, that's the whole point isn't it?1) Bright2) Lovely machining3) Lovely matt grey anodising4) It all come apart for cleaning
    On full beam, you will warm your hand up without even touching it.Totally pointless presentation box and lanyard.Maybe someone can explain how to use the lanyard
    This torch is great for bragging rights - it would take a very special torch to be it in a torch-off!
  • Very bright!

    posted by bear123

    - beautiful finish - 2500lm+ for sure- great flood- smooth reflector with no rings in the light- 6x 18650 = long run time- variable brightness- battery indicator LED- IPX8 waterproof - the wall of light this creates still travels 150 meters for a flooder lol, just barely but it does
    - Comparing this to the new Skyray King with the XMLU2 emitters the L3 is brighter so I would believe that it is at least 2500lm+. The thing is this is not as much of thrower. The Skyray King has a slightly tighter hot spot. So they both make it out to the 150 meter mark but the L3 is less bright at that range. However flooding an area right in front of you the L3 fills well. In ceiling bounce tests the L3 was about 10% brighter than the Skyray King. Both of those flashlights tail stand well and create more light than my standard living room lamps in that configuration LOL. Bright flashlights!
    It's a great looking flashlight with cool features. If the driver was executed better it could easily be in my top 5 flashlights. I am not disappointed in owning this flashlight since there is nothing else with this cool interface!
  • Very good flashlight

    posted by shpax

    Compact as it should be for 1 18650 batteryStill 1 18650 accumulator is the best choice comparing with AA type for instanceBuilt wellMetal have good finish.Stiff caps and clean screw3 modes as stated. It is pro to meWide filling light beam, about 45deg or so. With slightly visible central spot, exactly what I needed.Button works well to.
    Although the cons they were fixed in minute. So it is really does not matter.Crown was loosen abit due to the transportation I suppose. Nothing serious.The flashlight works well. I tested it with highest mode during may be 10 minutes which makes it become quite warm but still acceptable for such small device.
    very good price to quality factor. good classic design.
  • Dang its BRIGHT

    posted by CaptKirk

    - BRIGHT flashlight. Brightest LED flashlight I own at this point.- Nice build. Well built, clean threads, smooth switch.- Great size. Mine looks exactly like the picture.- Fits well in your hand- and is fairly small for the light output.- Nice weight- substantial without being too heavy.- On /off only- no weird modes to confuse or frustrate you. - Unbelievable price for what you get.- Wide beam with minimal hot spot. Good general use light.
    - A lanyard would be more useful for me than the clip, but the clip works too.- A low / high mode would have been nice to be able to increase run time but it does seem to have excellent run time as is.
    If you want a bright as heck pocket LED light, get this, you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for a "thrower" then this light may not be for you but you should STILL get it because you WILL like it!!


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