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fandyfire led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Very bright and huge flood

    posted by Silentlightning

    Its bright, to the extent of you cant look directly at the spill without severe squinting due the sheer brightness.It quite easily lights up a tree at around 80 metres, not just puts some light on it but lights it up.battery life is decent with the 100 minutes being about right if not more but i haven't tested it for a full timed slot( i went camping with it and it was great)I tested it with a friends light meter today and at around 40-50 centimetres it was reading at 1600 lumens after well over an hour of use on the same batteries
    its spot is quite large and its much more of a flood light than a spot light which means it doesnt have huge range( my http://www.dealextreme.com/p/wf-800-3w-cree-q2-led-flashlight-2x18650-4xcr123a-7-4v-17v-6965 has a longer distance but very little throw)
    Would i consider buying this if i needed another very bright torch?YesIs it the only torch you should buy? i would say no because of its size it would work very well with a smaller torch for close up work and in situations where you really don't need to light up the whole area
  • Nice Light

    posted by dieselpilot

    It looks good. The fit of the threads was good in mine. Bright for it's size, but I don't have many lights.
    Instruction on how to actually use this thing would be nice, but that costs money and all of these products are user supported.
    Great light, might get another.
  • Good flashlight, but maybe 1400 lumens

    posted by JCBIKER

    I bought on July 6 and received it on July 31.I wait only 25 days to receive it in Brazil.Well, unfortunately this flashlight do not have 2200 lumens.Compared with sku.57003 that has only one T6 led, this Fandyfire has a litle bit more throw but almost the same intensity.It is very well built and its components seem to be of good quality.It's light is warm (yellow) - Color Temperature: Warm - 2800 to 3500k. Sku.57003 is white, maybe 6400k.It is heavy to put on the bike, but I made some changes and now I can use it on night rides because it become lighter and smaller.You can see how it became on my photos hear in DX and through: http://imageshack.us/g/7/image006mg.jpg/
    Good product. Very well done.It is a beautiful flaslight.The tube (which stores two batteries) is thick and the switch (both) makes the flashlight even heavier.Good product, but do not mistake yourself, it has not 2200 lumens, maybe 1400.
    Good product, but heavy, warm light and maybe 1400lumens.
  • Not bad

    posted by owar

    - XML T6- 18650- the switch looks good- tailstandIt is really good light with quite good build quality(except the cons)
    It should have another driver because 4,5Amps will burn the led and it is uneffecient because the XML will not give much more light at 4,5A as 3A.
    If you change the driver for 8*AMC and the Reflector for OP it is really great light.I have ordered another 2 pieces for my family and I will change the reflector and driver as well.
  • Very Bright small torch - excellent

    posted by Baegis

    Very Bright, small and light and easily carried in a pocket. Good spread of light which makes it excellent for night walking in the bush.Good build quality. It only gets mildly warm when you have had it on for a while, although probably 15 minutes would be the maximum time I have run it continuously so far.
    This torch met all of my expectations. I was looking for a smaller easily carried torch which still gave a very bright light. It does not zoom in and out but for my needs that is no necessary.
    Definitely recommend this item.


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