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fandyfire led flashlight

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fandyfire led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Engineer

    posted by salamiya1

    Flashlight is very bright.
    There are several modes.
    There are o-rings on the joints.
    A good reflector.
    Good LED.
    There is a clip.
    The corrugated surface.
    A good flashlight. It's well worth it for the money. Reliable flashlight. It is not expensive and this is his dignity. Strong robust housing. Lantern hard break. It is binding, because of this it is hard to lose. Attachment is removed. A good quality reflector. Excellent LED! Flashlight is very bright. There are 5 modes. But I do not need modes that are flashing. Need to create one off unwanted modes.
    Among my friends, my most vivid light.
  • nice one

    posted by toster

    2 mode which is pretty rare. I prefer to have low mode if I do not need that much light so I can prolong battery discharge.However low mode should be even more dimmed than it is so that battery life is doubled or even tripled.Clear white light with no tint at all.Somewhat wider hotspot then in Romisen RC-C3 which is nice.
    Strong case, maybe a little bit too thick.The flashlight would be more elegant if it where a mm thinner.
    Decent product for a price.
  • very Bright but not 3000 Lumen

    posted by Powereco

    Very nice Lamp.
    It has a bright flood area and a very bright spot area.
    Its nice to walk in the dark because you see the ground around you because of the flood area.
    Compared with my Lenser P7 (200 Lumen) it is very bright.
    Nice powerful Lamp.
    I like the mix of flood and throw.
  • Not a bad light, some small issues

    posted by atvkilla

    -Nice small size torch-VERY bright-Very useful and floody beam-Nice GITD tailpiece-It does tailstand-Did I mention it's bright?
    Overall a very nice light...a 3.75 out of 5 stars I would give. Bright! Very nice floody beam that illuminates the entire yard, out to 60 yards easy.BUT, of course, poor machining and QC. The body housing is uneven. Protected batteries fit VERY tight...I have to unsrew both ends to push out the battery.Memory mode is very quirky. When I first got it, it would reset back to high after shutting off for 2 or 3 seconds. Then it changed so now it resets after around 10 seconds. Occasionally it is still resetting back to high after 3 seconds. I can't figure out why. When I first had it, it also was flickering quite a lot. That seems to have stopped.One thing I have to say is I am a little dissapointed in runtime. I wanted to use this for Mountain Biking and the beam pattern would be perfect for this, but it only lasts around 35-40 minutes on High. Medium got me around 1:40 or so. However, this torch on medium is still slightly brighter than my Trustfire TR-801 on high, with a nicer flo
    Pretty good light with some common issues. Very bright at the expense of lower runtimes. I will be using this to bike with, but I question whether it'll be as dependable as my TR-801. One thing is certain that I will still be carrying my 801 on rides; just in case!
  • Fine flashlight

    posted by jbrafi

    The flashlight is very powerful, andhas a wide angel.Perfect for at walk with the dog, and it does not fill allot in the pocket.
    I love the size, and the battery-type used for this flashlight, has the right size.It fits good in the hand.
    The rubber around the contact feels a bit thin. I think this will break after time.If the flash is powered on in a pocket, it gets (in my opinion) too hot, and can cause limited lifetime.

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