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fandyfire flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic

    posted by mangiant

    Quite smallVery bright compared to anything from a retail store.Single modeSeems to be quite well built.Protected 18650 cell fits fine.
    I ordered this along with SKU 57007. This is almost as bright at less than half the cost, and its a smaller size. The 5-mode button of 57007 is terrible, I much prefer the simple single click. I haven't tested battery life yet. I have no problems fitting a protected 18650 inside.
    This light is fantastic. The size and price are hard to beat. I'll be ordering several more.
  • Bright white light - and I'm pleased with it

    posted by tobixen

    I bought this to use for my bike (together with 18650 cells), and so far I'm very pleased with it. Bright white light. There is no noticeable heat loss. I can't really verify if it's 900 lumens or not ... but it seems a bit brighter than my old "900 lumens" bike light. (though, that light is more of a flooder, while this is more of a thrower). Build quality seems robust.
    My old bike lamp - sku 25149 - is also quite bright, and I'm sometimes using it as a flashlight. Using a flashlight as a bike light seems a lot smarter! Very nice to be able to take it off from the bike and use it as a flashlight. Also, with this flash light I can take with me as many 18650s as I think may be needed and then some more - while with the old bike light I'd need to use another light or stop to recharge the battery pack. I specifically searched for a 1-mode-flash because I hate clicking through all the "useless" modes, but the throw of this flash is a bit too bright when pointing it to close objects (one can get around it by pointing above the thing one wants to look at).
    This is one of my best buys so far! I was happy with my old bike lamp as well, but it was much more expensive.
  • Not bad, if you can repair it

    posted by viamer

    Very bright, my another XML T6 big flashlight with 2.8A driver is just a little bit brighter (and much hotter after several minutes). Never cause battery overcurrent protection to kiks in.looks to be well sealed, O-rings everywhere.Good machining and coating.
    1 mode!!! Bought especially for my mom.
  • Small but powerful!

    posted by Stonetwig

    Simple and clean design, good quality, great runtime, bright!
    Used it in work (heavy industry) for a year now, and it's still going strong.
    If you want a easy-to-use, bright and compact flashlight this is the one to get!
  • Very, very well made light.

    posted by cheetokhan

    Emitter color is a beautiful, pure white. It's cool, but has no funky tint- just pure white.Three independent reflectors give a perfect round (wide) hotspot. Machining is superb. Square cut threads, perfect fit and finish. Perfect anodizing, not a blemish on it.Easy to mod- no glued parts, except for the emitter boards which are Fujiked.
    Draws about 1.5 amps on 2 fresh cells. Plenty bright.Reverse clicky switch. Switch cover sits about 1mm below tailcap so light tailstands very well. LEDs are wired in series, with what looks like 20AWG silicone wire. Very nice.This is a great floody light. If you want a laser beam that shoots 300 yards, look elsewhere. If you want to light up a big area with a lot of light, this is it.Light does have mode memory which works very well- no surprises.
    Love this light! Hate the ** strobe modes, but still love everything else. It's one of those lights that when you get it, you think "I should order another one just because it's so good"This light is a steal at $38.

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