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eyelashes 10 Customers Reviews

  • A worthy buy

    posted by AmaiK

    Amazing eye enlarging eyelashes adding volume and blackness to your eyes. You get a deeper magnetizing look just buy gluing a pair of cool eyelashes. Easy as pie!
    You have to buy a special glue to wear these eyelashes, plus apply a thick layer of black mascara to enhance the volumizing effect. Also you may want to cut an eyelash into two pieces. I do it to glue the false lash only onto one half of my lash-line. Additionally, apply liquid eyeliner as close to the lashline as possible to conceal the line where you glued your false lash.
    You get ten perfect pairs of eyelashes so cheaply, yet they will last long and with a good glue are able to survive almost any weather, rain, snow, wind etc
  • Eyelashes Set

    posted by Joosiele

    They are really soft and beautiful, lot cheaper then buy in the store, i like the quality and they are easy to put on, i loved.
    arrived in time.
  • Long lashes fit for a drag queen

    posted by AnnaToxxina

    Strong lashes but flexible. They are easy to work with and with the use of the right adhesive will stick to the lid for the whole night.
    I like how they are curled and the quantity is very nice. A lot of pairs to last me about three months.
    I like them a lot and will be ordering more as needed.
  • loved

    posted by mazucaaa

    loved the price and excellent quality DealExtreme is a very organized and never regret with their products also come through this comment thank you for your excellent service, always attentive to customers and rapid resolution of adjustments purchase transaction, I am a fan and you really prefer to buy by price, quality and excellent service, and I won by cumpricidade has my full confidence congratulations!!
    already made ??several purchases and I am very happy for the products and the quality of care and recommend ralmente has my full confidence
    excellent and all products bought q
  • pretty!

    posted by ItsMeNatalie

    Beautiful! Really boosts your eyes and makes them look gorgeous! They make you (when combined with the proper make-up) look really doll-ish! It works perfect!
    The fact that you have to cut them yourself, also garantees a good fit. So not a huge con. And clean them after usage, that will make you able to wear them more then once!
    Beautiful lashes, even re-usable! Love them!

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