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eye massager Customers Reviews

  • Not impressive

    posted by MartinDS

    - Easy to use- Build quality is ok- Came in a nice package- Has a variety of different programs- Also great for head massage
    I might not be using it correctly, but when i wear it for about a minute or two, it kind of hurts because its pressing between my eyes..Also I thought it would be like a wondful massage, but it basically just vibrates, and feels weird. Other than this, its a good product for a good price, and it comes in a nice box with an instruction manual.
    If you're looking to buy an eye massager, I can definitely recommend this. If you're like me, and just thought it looked cool, please reconsider.
  • Good Product

    posted by mydollar89

    This eye massager does the job, it massages your eye-frame. It is very good at putting you to sleep, so for those insomniac people, you should give this a shot. There are several functions/modes for the massage patterns. The device makes you feel pretty good after use.
    Useful, price not too bad but I don't think it's worth that much. Nonetheless, I'm pretty content.
    Try it out, especially if u can't fall asleep.
  • Massager

    posted by eNdEmiOn

    - Fits nice and softly around the eyes.
    - Not expensive.
    - Runs on worldwide easily available batteries (AA).
    - Vibrating engine nice and powerful.
    Multiple settings would have been nice. I often wake up with very dry eyes. After using it I didn't or at least much less. Now it's to early to tell if its because of this gizmo (I hope so) but still..
    I would also be interested in a similar device but with 2 "blue bubbles" to wear as glasses.
    No reason not to try this device if u you are interested.
  • Excellent

    posted by sardinita

    It is perfect to lie down a while in bed or on the couch, and it is perfect for a headache or eyestrain, which is the recommendation of this article, and get these relaxing glasses, simply because you want to be comfortable in relax.They do not disturb once put and it is quiet and leave no mark around the eyesGum doesn't bother behind the head and has a convenient width regulator
    They are fairly quiet and leave no mark around the eyesIt is an excellent article for yourself or to give to a loved one.It appreciated
    It works with 2 AAA batteries and I recommend using rechargeable batteries

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