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  • Great replacement eyecup

    posted by cblue

    This is almost an identical replica to the Nikon Dk-20 cup. I was expecting quite a bit of difference in quality but there honestly isn't. The fix on the camera is tight and snug. The rubber doesn't smell (unlike some other cups I've bought). DX has done good on this one!
    DX really surprised me with this one. I bought another eyecup before and the quality was horrible, but this one is almost exactly the same as Nikon's! You really need to have an authentic piece next to this in order to tell the difference.
    If you want a new eyecup, or you broke your old one like me. Buy this and you will get very close to OEM quality for a fraction of the price.
  • Very good construction, same as original.

    posted by gonzalogr

    Very good material, the rubber is the same as the original one made by Nikon. The item is very well packed in a bag. I would never consider buying the original one having this for the extremely low cost offered by DealExtreme.com!
    Nothing to add.
    This is one of the best items I received from DealExtreme.com having in mind the high quality construction. I was very surprised not to find any difference with the original one.
  • cheap and good

    posted by Shad0wRH

    It is cheap although the quality not as good as the original. I can see surface cosmetic defect but functionality wise no problem. The original eye cup sell in my country at Canon shop is $15 and this one is only $2Delivery time is not that bad, around 2 weeks
    Improve the quality, then it will be perfect. It is basically just quality control
    Eye cup us is easily lost and since it is cheap, no harm in buying more for backup.
  • Just as good as the one from Nikon

    posted by Tuttle64

    This is just as good as the Nikon original and at less than half the price you can not go wrong. I missed not having an eye cup on my camera as it does a great job protecting the lenses of my glasses.The eye cup clips on securely to the camera eye piece. I don't think that it will fall off any time soon.
    This is a very well made product, as good if not better than the original that it replaced.
    The eye cup clips on securely to the camera eye piece. I don't think that it will fall off any time soon. But I will probably order an extra one to keep in my camera bag just in case I loose this one. With such a great price it pays to have an extra just to protect the $500 lenses of my glasses.
  • Great cheap eyepiece!

    posted by Oscaar

    Almost exactly the same as original. Fits great on my Canon EOS 30D (I lost the original eyepiece).
    Instead of buying the original eyepiece just buy 2 or 3 of these! They work great and it's no big deal of you lose one.
    Great product! Would deffinetly buy again if needed.

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