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If you want to purchase external usb adapter, this is your best place to buy it. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. usb vga adapter and usb 3.0 adapter are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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external usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Works well, but not as delivered!

    posted by dextremeeal

    - Uses power-saving USB controller chips (Terminus Technology FE1.1s, FE2.1). They work like a charm, even with my 4 USB TV dongles on heavy load.
    - Cheap
    - LEDs at each port indicate if a device is connected.
    - Wall plug and cable is included
    In contrast to other owner's devices, mine had a diode installed to prevent current flowing into the PC.
    The hub chains together an 8-port and a 4-port hub, which is cheap, but may possibly not deliver the performance you expect.
    The hub is OK, if you know that this thing may destroy you PC's USB port -- but then, you know that this port was also too cheap to be USB standard compliant. :-D
    The port LEDs are nice.
  • Self powered stand alone hub

    posted by philf

    - powers up to 7 devices directly.
    - can use stand alone, or as a hub via computer with USB cable
    - has a stand if you wish to use it
    - has a funky blue power light
    - usb 1 and 2 compatible
    I bought it to be used as a stand alone USB charger for devices that use USB/mini USB adapters. For example, right now I have it charging my iPod shuffle, DX iPod shuffle, HTC Hero phone, and some other devices :)
    If you get the right power adapter, then this is a very good product for the price. Another fine product from DX.
  • Working product

    posted by Masterski

    Has both mic and headset jacksInstalls on the flyHas a neat designWorks flawlessly
    Perfect device if you are tired of switching the jacks on the rear side of the computer between your 5.1 system and the headset. This thing appears as a new sound card in the sound and system options. One thing to keep in mind that because of how Windows are made, there is no way to make both Audio soundcards work at the same time - you have to switch in the Sound properties from one device to another. Not a big deal, and doesn't need a windows restart, unlike I had to do when I switched the jacks on the rear of my pc. If you hesitant to buy it, dont be. Just do it. Price is ok I think.
    This is a great product and I didnt regret the purchase. You buy what you are promised.
  • Works beautifully

    posted by Wibin

    Functions as it should. Performance is great considering it's coming though USB. Aero glass works great and only when the cpu-consumption spikes you might notice a little slowdown.
    I got this based on the chipset (Display Link-165). Based on other sites this chipset is good and the way to go.
    I have not tried youtube-videos or anything like that. Believe it or not. I actually got it for work for a mate. The computer running it is rather fast (core 2 duo, 2ghz) and your mileage may vary on slower computers.
  • Excellent Display Adaptor

    posted by ckovoor

    (1) Small form factor, compared to other devices (like Matrox Dual Head To Go) which do the same thing.(2) Ease of installation - drivers downloaded from product website.(3) Excellent build quality.(4) Optional adaptors included - for DVI/HDMI/VGA(5) So far I have not experienced any latency with in image updating, though I would not use this in a gaming monitor.
    (1) Got the package within a week of placing the order, well packed and contents exactly as stated.(2) This adaptor is more expensive than similar products on the DX site, but considering the higher resolution available on this one, the build quality and the optional connetros included, I believe I have made the right choice.
    Very useful device to extend your screen real-estate, at comparatively low cost.


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