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external power battery samsung

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external power battery samsung Customers Reviews

  • Kewl

    posted by Robamirault

    I thought I'd give it a shot and found it to be a useful tool. Been in a situation many time where it came in handy. I sometimes work in low signal zones and this can cause the battery to drain faster than usual. This unit has kept my phone operational until I was able to plug it in to charge. The portability factor was important to me as well. The unit hangs there as I use it but better than not being able to use the phone at all.
    Not sorry that I bought it and recommend it to anyone who needs there phone and des not have long enough life out of the battery in their phone.
    Nice little unit for a decent price
  • Good Battery

    posted by manuabella

    Good Power, is about ine extra baterry once you connect itNice desgin and qualityIt also works as an adittional protection to your Galaxy S2
    Ovarall nice quality productWith this battery pack I can use it about 2 complete days in a hign intensive use and dont need to recharge. Obviosuly if thr intensitviy is lower its duration is higher...
    Great buy if you need more battery for your S2. It seems to be the original Baterry power pack!
  • Brilliant device,well worth it

    posted by PsyWulf

    Nice and sturdyWell designedEasy to useKickstand to prop phone up on its side
    Having trouble with Battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S2? This is a great little device. It's in essence a second battery shaped nicely into a case that fits the Galaxy S2 very well. The plastic seems sturdy enough to survive a fall too. It even comes with a handy kickstand to prop up the phone on its side
    It's cheap,it's well built,it works exactly as intended
  • Good gadget

    posted by Marceloshdw

    easy to use look pretty and have a good quality the portable battery works well, very useful. it's fully recharge my phone battery. Good emergency battery
    fair enough for the price.
    All over very satisfied with the product Good emergency batteryeems good quality. Works with my Galaxy S Plus, but not with Blackberry, because the strange behavior of RIM products in charge. I would use on my arduino projects. Has two leds, one red when is in charge and one green when the chrage reached 100%.Contras: The top tap should be also black. The cap on my unit doesn't close perfectly. It has as an envelope, a clear plastic cilynder, and should also be interesting to use it as enclosure, but doesn't close good.Outro: Good emergency battery and also suitable for arduino projec
  • Pricey

    posted by jamoncillo01

    2 outlet ports. One of them with 2[A] capacity, which is the reason I ordered the item on the first place, and one of 1[A]Has a white LED in case you need a lantern.It displays battery charge level with 4 blue leds on top of the battery
    Appearance is actually very nice. I ordered the blue one and it looks and feels very nice. It comes with a micro USB cable
    Very nice and useful over all, but I wouldn't buy it again. I'm ordering right now the turtle or solar battery pack. 5 times the power for only an extra $5

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