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external battery grip Customers Reviews

  • Very good build grip

    posted by AntonH

    Very good build K-7 grip. Almost not noticable that it isn't the original grip. All the switches works very good and feels the same as the original switches on the camera itself.It has metal lock pins while a lot of the not original grips on the market has plastic lock pins.
    If DX would include the weater sealing, it should even be a better deal that it already is. Even if the price would get a bit higher because of it.
    If you are not in a situation that you really don't know how to spend all you're money, get this grip for you're Pentax K-7. You can buy 5 of these grips for the price of the original one.
  • Good Grip

    posted by CanadianJames

    This grip is solid. It feels great in the hand and the grippy part is excellent. The buttons feel solid and have a good springy response.
    The grip fits well on the 60D and won't come off by accident.
    The grip is great. After tearing it part I was impressed by how well it was built. I won't say I got a lemon, but rather it's my fault for over tightening the dial.
    I'd still recommend the grip, just make sure not to over tighten it while putting it on.
    The three months I used it, it worked great.
  • Perfect for my needs

    posted by rodceballos

    It works with the original Nikon battery and an extra bought through DX with not problems. Most importantly though, it works wonderfylly with rechargeable and regular batteries. The 6 rechargeables give you a very decent amount of photos - we used it at a wedding to film and got to time different combinations.
    I haven't truly used it while taking photos yet, but did try the vertical shoot button and found it worked well, although the cable inteferes with the external microphone we use to record, and thus can't have both connected at the same time. This shouldn't be a problem though.
    It should be all you need for a whole day of shooting video or photos as long as you carry plenty of rechargable batteries for when both camera batteries run out. Especially if you won't be able to charge the camera batteries on site.
  • Good purchase

    posted by rtwo2008

    Easy to install, working flawlessly, good quality, makes portrait shooting so much easier with the extra shutter click button. All the other buttons worked as well. I am happy that I don't need to change batteries mid shoot anymore, and even if the batteries run out, I can fit AA batteries in this battery grip to continue my photoshoot.
    This review is based on my use of the product for 1 week, if anything arises later on I will edit my review but I doubt anything will happen due to the noticeable high quality of this product.
    It's a very good product, much cheaper than the original Canon one and works the same way.
  • Like most DX Stuff - Good For the Price

    posted by KE7JLM

    Works great. Makes your camera more versatile by being able to use both LiPo and disposable batteries. Puts some wight on your camera making it easy to keep it steady. Makes if "feel" better.
    kinda pricey but when compared to the cannon offical grip it about a 1/4 of the size.
    If you got eh cash to go for the cannon grip do it. If you are serious about saving money and don't mind a small sacrifice in quality.

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