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external 2600mah Customers Reviews

  • Worth every penny

    posted by NesiD

    This is small, compact, very reliable battery. I keep my phone on it as if it was an infusion, but from my other experience with it can charge it almost twice per day.
    If you use smart phone to the fullest it is a real life saver. Very small and compact, extremely good for girls like me. It will take some time to get used to it and to figure out how long it will take to charge but other than that its great!
    Very good product that is worth the money you give for it.
  • cheapish alternatve

    posted by ottonie

    Size is good, one can carry it around easily in pocket or purse etc.Charges most of phones fully (from near 0% to 100%) (dependent on your battery capacity of course).
    I would say that the price ought to be lowered if the quality of all of these chargers is of this level.
    All in all working charger. Do recommend especially if the price is dropped.
  • Very useful and handy

    posted by hallerknaller

    - Cheap- Looks good- Soli- Very useful- Handy
    If your phone battery runs down but you need your phone for an important call or something this little gadget is perfect for you. It's very handy and you can take it anywhere. It charges my phone (the HTC One X) up to 70% if I turn it off.It charges the phone with nearly the same speed as if I charge the phone with the original power adapter and much faster than with the PC and USB 2.0.
    I would buy it again. It's very useful and cheap.
  • Does what it says on the packet

    posted by ubergeeknz

    Does the business. Charges iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and an iPod gen4 we tested with. Could easily be opened (unscrew the ends) to replace the battery if you want to later on.
    Haven't tested battery capacity yet. It contains an 18650 so 2500maH @ 3.6v is a reasonable figure. If that's the case it should be able to almost fully charge most smartphones.
    Does the job and it's compact and sturdy.
  • Kewl

    posted by Robamirault

    I thought I'd give it a shot and found it to be a useful tool. Been in a situation many time where it came in handy. I sometimes work in low signal zones and this can cause the battery to drain faster than usual. This unit has kept my phone operational until I was able to plug it in to charge. The portability factor was important to me as well. The unit hangs there as I use it but better than not being able to use the phone at all.
    Not sorry that I bought it and recommend it to anyone who needs there phone and des not have long enough life out of the battery in their phone.
    Nice little unit for a decent price

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