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  • Excellent build quality and

    posted by dumell

    The build quality is truly excellent. It has tight, smooth threads that are sealed by o-rings and overall there is a nice, solid feel to it. When it comes to brightness, it clearly outperforms the Romisen RC-G2, as expected, and is approximately equal to the triple-AAA "People's Cree". The light has a tight bright spot with a generous spill and the even distribution of light that you expect from a LED light - no darker or lighter areas within the spill area. The lanyard is large enough to be useful which is not always the case with small LED lights. I like the fact that it uses readily available and cheap AA batteries and that it can take a CR2 battery if you need to remove the "extension tube" to get a really small but bright flashlight.
    The color is less silverly and slightly more bronze-like than the images here leads you to believe.
    Excellent value for your money.
  • Great light, small size, small price.

    posted by Axel_Hawk

    - Bright for it's size;
    - Comes with extension tube;
    - Can be used with one AA, two AA and one 14500;
    - Casing is just nice;
    - Great price!
    Here in Brazil, a flashlight this bright costs around US$60... So this flashlight to me is really really cheap.
    People liked it so much that We bought four more!
    Should be resistent to water splashes, but I won't try it... It's an all uses flashlight, outdoors I use with one 14500 battery, but I keep in the car with two AAs.
  • A Great Light for the Dark

    posted by goodfella84

    The Ultrafire served me well in the Caribbeans where the night gets truly dark and the blackouts are very frequent. The flashlight is small and relatively lightweight, yet it feels very sturdy. It's very good on batteries, having to change the batteries once every few months or so with frequent usage. This little torch can light up a dark road like a car light almost. It's very powerful for such a tiny light. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it even had a brighter beam than my other flashlights of higher cost. This light will go a long way, and it's super affordable. I can't see why anyone would not want to own this flashlight. It's great for blackouts, walking through the darkness outside, or even walking through the house without wanting to put the lights on at night so as not to disturb anyone (though it might be overly bright for indoor use).
    I really have to say that this was my first experience with a "good" flashlight. I've always owned cheap dollar store flashlights -- some of which could be bought on this site in the generic section. They all worked pretty well, but once I experienced the Cree Ultrafire c3, I couldn't go back to those lights. Those seem to do well in illuminating dark spaces while the Ultrafire is great for lighting up a whole area and making it bright. I do wish it had a low power mode, though. The one mode is good for simple LED lights, but this one is just way too strong. Sometimes in the middle of the night I just want to walk around the house with a dimmer beam so as not to illluminate the whole house and wake everyone up.
    This is a great deal. You get a great torch that's super bright and convenient to use for a very good price. I would recommend this torch to anyone who needs a good flashlight. If you're in an area where there are not many street lights, or if you tend to work or be in very dark places, this light will save the day.
  • -

    posted by mierenneuker

    - it has 5 modes med/low/high/strobe/SOS.- it's bright.- you can choose between 1 AA or 2 AA. - the light resets back to medium when you leave it 1-2 minutes- it looks more expensive, quality overall is good
    It's a great light for the price and output is pretty good for a 2 AA light, 2 AA is brighter than 1 AA btw
  • Best flashlight for this price.

    posted by petryshko

    Very Bright light (have a 1W flashlight with 3xAAA and this one is brighter twice, i think)Compact - 2xAA in a row always smaller than 3xAAA in a tripod batteryUseability - nice lies in hand.
    completely useless loop as i think 8)
    costs it's money sad that i didn't buy 2 or 3, for my family or for presents.

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