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  • Works seemlessly under GNU/Linux

    posted by monnier

    I plugged it into my laptop then plugged my new USB3 external drive and there it was. Unplugging and replugging also seemed to work just fine. The drive was happy to pull all its power from the single USB3 connector even without using the extra power cable that comes with the card.
    I have not yet tried to use the eSata part.
    I like the fact that it does not stick out. Assuming the eSata part works as well, it's a great way to update a laptop's ports.
  • Finally working

    posted by Dingarac

    Cheap. Faster than USB 2.0 but I did not made serious tests.
    Generally good solution. Especially after implementing its drivers in windows update service.
    It is not so easy to plug USB cable/flash because stronger push activate Express card click and whole adapter bacame unattached form laptop. It is better to plug USB device into this card and then to insert it into laptop...
  • This will be a good product for extending USB ports in your laptop

    posted by thushan

    I used this adapter card with HP Pavilian dv2000 Laptop with Windows VISTA. It was required to install the driver software provided with product. But this was a simple process as same as installing any other driver software. I tested this card with USB 2.0 and USB 3 supported devices. I tested this adapter card with few USB flash drives, external hard disks and 3G dongle. All devices were successfully operated with USB ports available in adapter cards.
    When you remove USB devices from adapter card, special attention should be paid to do that without moving the adapter card as this may be caused to disconnect the USB adapter card from the laptop. Probably not securely !!!
    External hard disk which supports USB3 was connected with this adapter card (actually it worked without any external power source) and transferred few files from laptop to external device. I could observe better speed than default USB2 ports already available on the laptop.
  • Good, when it works.

    posted by lrms73

    When it works, it really makes a difference, when comparing to USB 2.0 ports. An external HDD which would only reach ~30MB/s reading on USB 2.0 ports, reached more than 100MB/s when using this card (tested with HDTune 2.55). That was even without using the card molex connector for extra power.
    The chipset seems to be known my standard Windows installations (tried Win 7 SP1), but the included CD resolved the problem.
    Works well, if your computer motherboard has no compatibility issues. My home computer has PCIe 2.0 slots and an updated BIOS, but still the card didn't work, so be aware the case were the card maybe most useful (add USB 3.0 to older computers) may not work.
  • Good performance, but overheats

    posted by mdcool

    High speed, 3 ports, easy to install and use. Installed once - use forever.
    Nothing specific.
    Good useful device. Hopefully, cons will be insignificant, otherwise I will have to order another one.


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