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Every single express card sata displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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express card sata Customers Reviews

  • Very good extension

    posted by cyriusbe

    A simple extension port so being able to put a good e-sata ici-box and samsung spint spoint 1T0 at inernal speed. Mainly for backup ! (90mb/s measured external, 96mb/s on internal motherboard chipset).
    I've keep 1 internal for a dvd-writer.
    E-Sata is "hot swap", so switching on disk after boot is ok, correctly detected by win 7 :-). And ejecting + off is also as easy ;-).
    Was fearing a bit to pt it in my pc, but all internal sata were full and my external sata of my mother board (p6t deluxe) is simply making things bad. this lil thing solved it all :-)
  • A brilliant solution to run SATA3 drives on pre Sata3 Motherboards

    posted by snoopynz

    Simple to install and set using the enclosed drivers on CDROMIt bought a huge increase in speed using Flight Simulator. I was frustrated with the slow file loading of the scenary files. Flight simulator loads hundreds of small scenary files which could take up to sixty seconds to load. Ysind this interface and a Solid State Drive, the simulator is flying within ten seconds.
    An easy solution to running SATA3 drives on older motherboards
  • Works Great, Boots SSD

    posted by chazd

    Cheap, bootable, Esata.
    Was happy to find this. Comparable ones cost $40 or more, and might not be bootable, a must for my SATA2 motherboard, which unfortunately defaults to SATA1 when I plug use a SATA3 SSD. I have the dreaded Nforce430 controller. Was getting 125 reads and 100 writes onboard w/Samsung 840 EVO. Now I get 250-500 after enabling RAPID with Samsung Magician and a few other tweaks.Disappointed no manual, not sure how to set jumpers. Moving all showed Esata drive, but not SATA. Will browse for info.If you want to speed up an old mobo with a new SSD, buy this thing, it rocks!
    Very happy with my purchase. I was leery of having something shipped from afar, but it came in 17 days to US. CD was scratched and my main computer wouldn't read, but a spare computer read it OK. But it only contained the drivers that are available as a download. Will look over the website, perhaps I missed something.
  • Works with 64bit Win7 without RAID

    posted by Slartybartfast

    I wanted a PCI-E card to run a SATA DVD burner and occasionally an external E-SATA drive. This does the job nicely.
    I set it up with one internal and one external port and connected the SATA DVD to the internal port. I started 64 bit Windows 7 and it automatically downloaded the softraid 5 driver. I rebooted so it would apply the update. I went to Drive Manager and selected Flash BIOS from the SIL3132 entry under Storage Controllers. It showed that I had a 128kb SST 39SF010 flash chip, and version 7.4.05 of the BIOS - dated 10-05-2006.
    I downloaded Ver 7.7.03 from the silicon image website and loaded the RAID version (starts with r...) using the FLASH BIOS option. It worked perfectly.
    Even though it's running the RAID BIOS, I am just running the DVD from it.
    SATA 2 based, according to the specs.
    External connection is E-SATA ,not SATA like an earlier poster received.
    Really happy with this card.
    Very happy it runs a DVD from the RAID BIOS.
    Didn't bother with the stuff on the supplied CD.
    Great value.

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