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  • First flush eSATA card I found for laptops

    posted by awdark

    It is flush with the laptop so it looks nice. I connected a SATA laptop drive and I managed to transfer a large file at 60mb/s (according to vista's speed meter)Did not need drivers for Vista 32 or Win7 64bit.
    When you insert the card the laptop will not auto install, you have to go to the device manager Action>Scan for Hardware ChangesHave only tested it with one drive, but I don't foresee any issues with other drives or optical drives.
    Nice card to have, much better than going through USB2.0.
  • Best for that price

    posted by Haroldukas

    It works good. I needed to change the original IDE internal hdd to sata on my laptop Fujitsu Siemens S7010. With this PCMCIA card I made it. It's booting and doing everything what IDE drive did.
    It's was a good toy for me :D
    I did this experiment to increase hdd speed. I thought this card runs up to 300Mb/s. Now my laptop is notionally faster, but practically I don't see any difference.
  • Simple and work as expected

    posted by dzena

    Small, comes with metal cover, does what suppose to do (adds two SATA III ports). Windows 7 64-bits recognizes automatically, but is better if you install ASMEDIA 106x latest drivers (google it).
    If you uses the drivers that came in the provided CD, it has a XLS file listing the drivers for each folder/hardware.It comes with low profile bracket, could be usefull for small desktops like Dell computers with DT casing.
    It does what supposes to do, it is good for who needs to add more SATA ports or adding SATA III support.
  • cheep

    posted by bootshacker

    it is cheapit comes with everything you will need to put it in install it in the computer expect the tools of course. it actually came in a boxhas a diver compact disk with ithas two sata cables with it it is very good quality good thing to get if you need more sata portscomes with raid
    usually PCI versions came in the box on which is a photo of PCI-E version.
    i bought this because with one blue ray drive , one multi read and write drives and two 1000gb hard drives i need more sata 2 ports. RAID menu is only if there is a 1000gbs
  • Could be cheaper, but definitely works!

    posted by ishiyakazuo

    It works splendidly on PCs that have no serial ports (or fewer than the desired number). Very fast compared to a USB dongle, but for many, it's a non-issue anyway (unless you're using it to transfer firmware or something similar).
    I found one with a parallel port as well from a USA seller for less right after I ordered these. But they seem to be gone now, and I didn't really need an extra parallel port, so this was fine.
    If you're hooking up a lot of devices that require serial port (RS232) connectivity, this makes some sense to get, I'd imagine :)

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