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expansion board Customers Reviews

  • Cheap power control board with relays.

    posted by algspd

    It is cheap for what it does (the board, relays, resistors, transistors, leds... are far more expensive than this board).It is very easy to use, for example, with an arduino to switch on-off a light bulb.
    The relays are a bit slow so dont use this for high-performance requiring projects.Leds may be annoying if you use this for lightning projects, but you can easily desolder them.
    Use this por power-management homemade projects.
  • Good support for prototyping with the nano

    posted by PeterKas

    plug and play, all input and outputs go to a tree pin set in order to provide both power and signal. This makes extremely simple to test different configurations with the Arduino Nano. Also comverts the nano to the uno board format in case you want to substitute one for the other.
    Very usefull accesory for fast test and prototype with nano. Once your design is stable you can take it out and make a more compact model for production and use. Also useful if you need to replace a Uno board with a nano.
  • Perfect

    posted by FrajolaGz

    very well protected and well done,comes in a box, material to protect the pins, and a cover anti static,in terms of aesthetics, surprised me because it seems incredibly well maintained
    most parts of RepRap for affordable prices, prices in Brazil are absurd,also bought the drivers of power, I hope so too are good as
    I recommend to all who are interested in setting up their own 3d printer
  • Excellent add-on

    posted by seliotis

    This product makes using the R-Pi easier in a classroom setting. I use it to convert my Pi into a media centre for use in my class. It is also great for adding other components to the Pi
    Strictly speaking, this product is not required if you have an hdmi monitor and external USB hub but it does make life a lot easier if you want add components.

    posted by GabrielWar

    I am very satisfied with this product as it works as expected and I do all my favourite projects with this device. - Works perfect - Easy to use, simply upload code with Arduino software (available on arduino.cc) - Build quality is perfect. No fragile stuff, everything is soldered correctly.
    This is the best place to buy this product. If you know how to use it, then this is the best place to buy it and it is 100% worth every cent.

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