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eu usb charger adapter Customers Reviews

  • Super Useful

    posted by imaginarysigns

    Super easy to use, seems to be of good quality. Fits perfectly into old and new electricity outlets in Brazil. Great for charging more than one gadget at the same time. Great for small spaces, like outlets behind beds or night tables. It's also very cheap.
    Really useful. I should have bought more than one.
    Great buy. Cheap. I'd recommend it and would buy again. Makes a good gift.
  • A nice power charger

    posted by Silin48

    Good quality for the materials and well protected. works perfect also with the 2.1 A for my tablet. When I tried to connect two things in parallel the charger continue working without problems. Also if is a tablet and a smartphone.
    It is very easy to use, only plug and connet your set. It is ready to plug in all the european connectors.
    I will recomend it when you need a solution to charge two elements in parallel. It is important to connect correct in the correct hole to evoid destroy it.
  • Perfect charger

    posted by debisius

    I know people will wonder why i am writing a review on a 'general charger'. Let me just first say it looks original and perfect; that's not a pro anyway.
    As i have said before, a lot will wonder why i commented. I just wanted to bring people prompt to the fact the this is 'MINI USB power adapter' and not 'MICRO USB POWER adapter'. I mistakenly ordered for it since i read it's for blackberry (old blackberry i guess)
    Please check and recheck mostly connector types before ordering.
  • USB Power Adapter/Charger

    posted by harroxelas

    Cheap.OK quality.Very useful item to have. What can't you charge on USB these days?
    I bought this charger for feeding my raspberry pi. It worked, but not as good as it could have been.I measured the open circuit voltage (no load) on the output of the USB socket and got 5.2 V, which is ok. But, getting it to feed my raspberry pi, while it was idle, the voltage measured between TP1 and TP2 was 4.75 V, the bare minimum recommended. I did not measure the current, but it probably was something around 800 mA.I ended up using my cell phone charger on the raspberry pi (it manages to keep 5.03 V between TP1 and TP2 while the raspberry pi is idle) and using this charger as my phone charger.
    Cheap product that has a OK performance.
  • cheap adapter for samsung

    posted by lammsu

    the pro for sure is the price. also the color was a pro for me. i dont like black cables. in the dark they get lost easy. white cables are better for me in that case. the adapter is of good quality, but the cable ( at least 1 of the 2 i ordered) wasnt
    fort he price, the quailty is less important. i bought 2 and one works great. the other works to, so if i am in need of a charger, i Always have one lying around.
    `price quality" taken in mind, this is a pretty nice device. it usualy does what it is supossed to do.


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