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eu travel adapter

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eu travel adapter Customers Reviews

  • Adapted power from EU to AUS fine

    posted by drbadger

    The adapter did the job of allowing me to plug my Australian plugged power-board into the standard European socket
    Not a problem with this product as such, but I noticed while in Europe that in some places (Italy particularly) they also use a different type of plug (older style?). Fortunately in the places I stayed they already had appliances with the standard plugs on them and an adapter, so I borrowed that and plugged this into it.
    It works, is cheap and light weight, go for it.
  • Great thing for travelers

    posted by dacha111

    - Very useful - can save you a lot of money, space and hassle concerning the different adapters- It solves a problem of basically ALL (seriously, all) combinations of plugs that exist in the world.- Very compact (connectors are retracted inside when not used, thus making it small in size)- Very lightweight (it will not add almost any excess weight to your luggage when you travel)- Very intuitive and easy to use (just turn the ring until you see a connector that suits your needs, as simple as that)- Some of the devices of this kind (with multiple adapters in one) can have bad wiring inside the box, so it can make some short circuits or something, but this one has no problem at all - tested with many devices- Good quality- Cheap
    If you were looking for an adapter that could solve all the problems with adapters in foreign countries, this is it. This device has all of these in one small, lightweight, compact package.
    Very useful product for travelers. It will solve your problems with adapters no matter where you live and where you go, for good.
  • Good adapter for EU/UK

    posted by Delawen

    Simple and easy to use.Works perfectly well.Tested in EU and UK.
    Other adapters are smaller, but this has more types of plugs.Chained, it is very compact for travelling.Comes with a handy bag to store the adapters. In the end, they fit as a line of adapters, so I didn't use it.
    Good choice, I would buy it again if I need another one.Recommended.
  • Good adaptor for Australian Use

    posted by Fallout_Boy

    Has a very solid feel with engagement, once the plug is inserted it feels firm and not like the plug will fall out easily.Soooo cheap !At this price you will not regret buying.I had purchased another different adaptor from DX months ago, and it felt loose and often the plug would fall out under its own weight. THIS ITEM IS FAR BETTER, I have thrown the other ones away.
    Very cheap and the free shipping is a bonus.
    Recommended for anyone needing an adaptor for Australian 240v plugs.
  • Works well

    posted by matsolsson

    Works as expected
    Small and light
    I live in Sweden but bought my 3DS in the UK. And in the UK they do not use EU plug, but their own UK plug. So I had to use a power adapter with the charger they delivered. This charger works well and is small and light. I have put the original charger in a drawer and only use this one now.
    Recommended if you need a spare 3DS charger, or a 3DS charger with EU plug.

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