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Every single eu ac plug displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from lamp ac plug, ac plug iphone. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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eu ac plug Customers Reviews

  • Lots of lights

    posted by 25080205

    Lots of lights! Quality good enough, no visible flaws. 8 different blinking modes works well. Simple but reliable thing, may last long few years - LED bulbs has very long life.
    It very long - you need really big NY tree for this, 2 m. or more. On small tree so many lights looks... bit funny. Most of blinking modes are too fast. Slo-glo mode may be best of all. And steady on, of course.
    Good decoration for family NY tree.
  • Good gadget to free you sockets.

    posted by Savvy

    Yes, it works. It charges iPad, smartphones, electronic books etc. at least one at a time.
    When I plug just one iPad new into the gadget it charges at exactly same speed as original apple charger do. When I plug iPad new and samsung galaxy note smartophone at the same time my phone starts to constntly beeping.But when I charging iPa or smartphone with simpler devices like e-books it woks ok.
    I want to have 5A variant of this gadget.
  • turning to success.

    posted by deslimjim

    A great tool to have, it helps in the placement of tables or as many screws need tightening. also you can unscrew with this baby.Comes with an LED to work in dark places. It also has a setting where the environment is a difficult job.
    Is it worth buying, it is money well spent, though I have found the price a little expensive for the quality. Being a tool is always good to have at home or at work, because it helps a lot.
    I liked it, everything came right and working, worth the wait more than one month for it. I'm pleased.
  • PLugi-in power supply

    posted by manjh

    What can you say about a plug-in power supply. It's black, has a 1 meter lead with a plug for the Arduino, and the two Euro style pins fit perfectly in the power outlet.Without opening the device I cannot judge the build quality. The outside casing is OK. After a few hours use, it does feel warm but not hot.
    I think I'll get a couple more, this sure beats getting power from a USB plugin power supply.
    Good value for money, and the device does what it is supposed to do.
  • Bright light

    posted by chrisvaneijk

    Many many ligts, giving a lot of light. The quality is good, all lights are working and it looks like it can handle some abuse. Easy to use and comes with several programmed flash pattens. Also able to use outside
    The programmed flashing patterns can be very annoying for your neighbours :-D Good thing there are also slow and stable options to choose from
    The lights are installed in my garden and still work. No problems, and looks nice :-D

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