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ethernet network adapter Customers Reviews

  • Good product. Works with Android dongle and Windows 7 64 bits

    posted by jclavio

    Good product. Works with Android dongle. I also tested it under Windows 7 64 bits. No drivers necessary. I have been using this product for 1 month with my Android Mini PC Player that has a really bad wifi reception and everything is fine. I guess it is hard to find a usb external network receiver like this and being capable of working with Android dongles.
    Good product.
  • Died after 2 months

    posted by uldxs

    Works with RKM MK802 IIIS out of the box - plug-in, enable Ethernet DHCP in settings and go.Decent speed.Nice case and USB cable.
    Risky buy, mine was probably defective. It acted weirdly already on arrival. It took long to initialize after plugging in and during this time android got very laggy. After week or so of use i got random loss of ethernet (disabled settings tab) as well as crashing of my router (all computer lost LAN). Later the device would stay this way until it was re-inserted in RKM/LAN until now it's impossible to "restart" the LAN adapter to working state.
    Better get something that has no reports of heating and power draw.
  • It works!

    posted by naivsupr

    The included lan-adapter uses the familiar AX88772B chip (DeviceID: VID_0B95&PID_772B). I'm writing this review from a cabled Microsoft Surface RT using the driver that went m.i.a. Rumors say the RT drivers will be back in Windows 8.1 but I had no problems finding, download and install the driver.
    This chipset is also supported by several Android devices.More info on the RT driver issue:plugable.com/2012/12/11/windows-rt-surface-usb-ethernet-takedown
    A simple and useful "bundle".
  • Great item. Worth your money

    posted by Dalern

    I like the finish. Looks good. My opinion is thats easy too use.I will buy more of these. (I used my network krone tool for this)
    Looks good.Works Great. I was actually very suprised over the quality. I do this for a living and wanted to test this out just for fun. The port says AMP,thats a well known product in my work. So i am suprised.Thumbs up DX!
    Great item and quality. If you need it you must try this!Its cheap, looks good and works great.
  • Works, but...

    posted by GabHUN

    Works with PC (Windows 7 x64) after installing driver.
    I bought it for my android dongle, but had no luck with it. Waste of money for me...
    - -

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