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  • Must have adapter for suited laptop

    posted by peoplecanfly

    Works for any operating system on notebook with 54mm express card slot. Driver CD is included but I didn't needed any with Windows 7.
    The card runs hot during use (especially, in my laptop, because it's plugs in on top of my hard drive). When using with two external hard drives, the battery life gets reduced. Need to hold the card itself when pluging or unpluging it, to avoid damaging the card.
    You could use fast external drive as boot drive, or a couple of hardrives as a storage for your laptop with this express card.
  • Useful frontpanel for your PC

    posted by Pasha1st

    Card reader with SDHC support (perfectly works with 16Gb microSD cards)
    It has both SD and microSD (T-Flash) card slots along other formats, so you are does not required to have SD-MicroSD adapter.
    It has USB3.0 VIA controller (free PCI-E 1x slot required) with 2 ports hub - very useful
    SATA and eSATA ports on the front panel allow to connect HDD not disassembling your PC, with power connector for SATA disks (power can be switched off).
    SD/microSD card reader works perfect with my cards up to 32Gb
    I often use Sata port to connect ordinal HDDs, and as this ports connected to internal motherboard ports they run at full speed that your motherboard supports.
    I have no USB3 devices, but my USB2.0 external HDD works perfect with good speed. One note - at first my Win7 x64 whith MB ASUS on P57 could not start drivers until I turned "BIOS USB Hand-off" swith at BIOS setup.
    USB3 controller id: PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3432&SUBSYS_34321106&REV_01
    I have to conect HDDs from time to time, so this panel is the best choise for me. All features works well.
  • Good first impression

    posted by Hagaric

    This card "just worked" with Win 7 pro 64 bit. The card was recognised & installed as a VIA RAID Controller, a really rough quick test gave a transfer speed around 80 megabytes a second. It seems a little fat, as others have commented.
    It's 1 sata & 1 esata port, I thought it would be 2x esata. A very simple way to turn an unsued pccard slot into a place to connect harddrives whilst on the road, especialy useful if you're fixing computers.
    good buy, I may get another
  • Seems to have come right

    posted by joshyboy

    Seems to be working ok now. Get around 70MB/s transfers. Plugs and plays. Slots fine into a 54mm expresscard slot.
    I guess once drive is connected, it all runs fine. Behaviour is a little strange though.
    It works, it's cheap. I can now put an SSD inside my laptop and leave all the large files to this puppy.
  • Further comments after more use

    posted by monnier

    As mentioned in my earlier review, the USB3 port works seamlessly in GNU/Linux, with hotplugging of both the USB device and the card itself.
    Still haven't tried the eSata port.
    Not perfect, but still very handy.

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