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epson printer ink Customers Reviews

  • Usefull thing!

    posted by KpacHblu

    I used to buy cartridges at a high price. But if they are not used for a long time, they dry out and had to buy new again. I also tried the system a continuous supply of ink, but it's too awkward and uncomfortable. Moreover, the ink container may fall, causing serious damage in this, because to clean the paint with anything it was pretty difficult. I've never thought to find a way out of this situation.
    Great stuff! The perfect solution for people who find themselves in the same situation as me.
    They are cheap and they can be reused, but filling them with paint. It's simple and convenient. Not for nothing they say that all brilliant - easy!
  • Needed cartridges

    posted by feli0826

    When you have a epson printer you realize the printer spend a lot of ink, you need to buy compatible cartridges or buy this cartridges, you just need to refill and you can print a lot saving money
    The ink is easy to find in my city for 5 USD 250 ml each color, for less $30 you get many many prints in good quality and save a lot of money
    Buy it if you need to print a lot, if not the ink goes dry in the printer head and you have quality problems i use the printer twice a week and its ok, has a year working without problems
  • Total bang for the buck

    posted by jfmoreira

    Refillable cartdriges. No need for that messy bulk-ink sh** that people that print a TON of copied per day use. They should last apporximately FIVE times more than regular Epson originals (that have 2ml on then).
    A LOT better than buying those DAMNED EPSON originals. Their ink is good but is expensive and here in Brazil you SIMPLY do not get any replies from EPSON authorized stores that should carry them! Thank you for your lousy support, Epson, inks from you, never more!
    Buy it NOW if your printer is a CX7300 (or others compatible).
  • Print almost free

    posted by bincabral

    I was always very afraid to buy a printer because of the price of inks. When I heard they were making refillable cartridges for Epson, I encouraged them to test the quality. And I'm very pleased. The quality of the cartridges is very good. The ease of use as well. The cartridges will reset itself at a certain level of ink, simply by opening the printer cover and inject more ink.
    Depending on where you buy the ink, printing can be more expensive than paper.
    There is no way to regret this purchase. It's only advantages. Moreover, the cartridge is identified by the printer as being genuine, not invalidate your printer warranty.

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