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emergency power pack Customers Reviews

  • Cheap an useful

    posted by mklbiltegia

    Besides being cheap and very transportable connects easily, loads fast and gives the energy to get out of trouble. Maybe it would be nice to bring more cables because the full range of Mac need other connections
    Sure that technology will advance enough but still very slow load and then I have not yet calculated how long it stays charged once the light turns blue
  • It´s a good product.

    posted by heloseller

    This product is good and has good finishing. He is also handsome, which can ajuar the photographer.The material is plastic and is not dull, and a little brighter.The length of the wire is sufficient.The case that comes with it is a very nice surprise.It allows you to use 6 batteries at the same time, it is advisable to always use the 6 cells.
    Despite having to use it with 10 cells it helps a lot when the cells get hot flash. Then connect the case and still pictures.
    It was good to me.
  • Very nicely packed

    posted by fitzie

    Received yesterday and put on charge straight away ( con is many people don't know you have to charge before use- no English instructions )but I'm impressed with the build of this unit, I have bought from Ausi makers and they don't seem to have the quality to price for me. I was also happy that it was 3/4 charged when I received it fairly heavy for karting around but if you want power to burn just make sure your pants elastic is strong so it won't make them fall down LOL
    Prefer English instructions but I'm happy with it
    Well done with the build quality I'm happy with my purchase
  • Good Battery for a Good Price

    posted by Rushpro1851

    -Charges my PSP
    -Works with my Mp3 too
    -Lasts a Long time
    -Well Built
    Be careful when comparing this one to other because it has 2400mAh at 3.6 Volts. At 5 volts it has only 1800mAh (as stated on the box). Also, mine has two LED's, Green and Red. When it is fully charged, the Green comes on, and when it is charging or running, the red comes on.
    If you are looking for a device that is made to go on the road, and charge your electronics wherever you go, then you have fond it at last!
  • Very useful Muy Util English and Spanish

    posted by PUAROT

    Easy to use \ Facil de usarGood quality price \ Buena calidad precioAlmost like the original \ Casi igual que el originalReduces recycling time \ Reduce el tiempo de recicladoVery useful when you need the flash always ready or will be used much \ Muy util cuando se necesita el Flash siempre listo o se va a usar mucho It can be clipped to the camera or the flash that comes with the screw \ Se puede sujetar a la camara o al flash con el tornillo que trae
    Searching the internet you can find the correct way to install the batteries.Start with the part closest to the hinge up with the negative after positive upward, negative, positive, negative, positive. \ Buscando en internet se puede encontrar la forma correcta de colocar las pilas.Empieza por la parte mas cercana a la visagra con el negativo hacia arriba despues positivo hacia arriba, negativo, positivo, negativo positivo.
    Products recommended for use with Nikon Flashes \Producto recomendable para usar con Flashes Nikon

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