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emergency phone charger

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase emergency phone charger here and you can save money at the same time. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. We recommend phone battery charger, phone charger cable as hot products. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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emergency phone charger Customers Reviews

  • Good bang for you buck

    posted by a1wonder

    Have owned this and used this for over a month now and puchased due to the poor battery life of new smart phones. The battery is a very solid build (does not feel cheap) and can usually recharge my phone twice to almost full.At work I usually have it or my phone charging always then at the end of the day I dump both into my purse. It has a red LED when charging.Both connecting ports seem very sturdy and it hasn't come unplugged when charging after I've thrown it in my backpack or purse.
    I'm a little concerned when taking this on an airplane for our trip hopefully security wont have any problems with it.
    I'm overall very happy with this purchase, puchased two portable batteries and this by far was the better deal. It is heavier than my cell phone so it adds a bit of weight to whatever your carrying it in.Its small enough to fit in my tiny purse :)
  • Great for emergencies

    posted by Sakokuruto

    -Charges my phone really fast! -The battery comes with a cap so that you don't damage the microusb. The cap is attached to the battery itself by a string so that you won't lose the cap itself.- The microusb is long enough even though my phone has a case of moderate thickness on it. (I'm not sure about otterboxes).- 4 little lights on it indicate when it's done charging and when it has no more juice left to give. - Very nice and compact size. I can easily fit it in my purse or pocket.
    I'm currently testing it out and had my phone at 64% on standby. It's been charging for over an hour (expressing that it's only at 1 charge light for a good 30 minutes) and my phone is already at 94%. I'm confident that it can charge my phone to full.
    If you know you'll be out for a long day and/or will be using your phone a lot, this should be enough to pull you through.
  • Emergency Charger

    posted by RandolphCarter

    + Small.
    + Red LED can be used as source of light enough to see something in front of you in a tent.
    + Can be temporal energy source not only for cell phone. You can apply a adapter to USB.
    I have tested it by my cell phone. When I made connection to it, I had to revolve very fast in order to see charging indication. So that I swithed off my cell phone and connected directly to accumulator. I rotated crank 5 minutes. The battery voltage grown up from 3.53 to 3.58 (3.59 - indication of low charge, 3.5 - auto shut down). Then switched on and made a call, duration 20 seconds. After couple of minutes I recieved a call, 28 sec and then the cell phone is auto switched off.
    My measurements:
    open-circuit voltage is about 6 V;
    short-circuit current 140 - 160 mA;
    acceptable rotation speed 2.5 - 3 rpm.
    Thought of it as emergency tool when you have no another source of energy.
  • Does what it needs to do.

    posted by MartyGSi

    Good Battery. Excellent batery life. Use it to power several wifi modems and usb hubs. Delivers enough stable power to last devices around 50 hours operating. Light is nice, but havent used it. Ithas a 2.A output wich is need to charge or use!! Devices that consume a lot of power
    Good product. Nice solid finish. Comes with dedicated cables for different devices instead of adapter plugs. A 220v EU adapter would be nice
    Good prodcut. Reccomended! Uy it if you need a solid charger with 2A output!
  • Great portable charger!

    posted by nznigel

    Fast chargingUses standard mini usb connector for charging2 USB output ports (1A and 0.5A)Simple LED to indicate charge level
    We used this on a recent trip to the US. I had a Samsung S3, couple of "burn phones" (arrghh - who wants to pay roaming fees), an iPhone and iPad. We used this to charge every device at various points in the trip and found it very capable.
    Extremely good value when you want to have portable power for charging devices.

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