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emergency mobile power

Buy a emergency mobile power from DX.com! It's your best choice. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Find more hot gadgets at htc mobile power and external mobile power. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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emergency mobile power Customers Reviews

  • Saved me and others at the airport

    posted by Ders10

    It seriously does have a high capacity. It charges quickly. It comes with every sort of adapter, although I don't use it.
    I think these sort of things should use MicroUSB to charge instead of miniUSB. I don't think anyone uses it anymore. That way all of us with non-iPhones could just keep one cable with us to charge it and use it.
    There are too many options for me to recommend this one in particular. I overheard an older couple complaining about dead phones at the airport and let them charge both of their cell phones at once with it. It's a good thing to keep around. Everyone should own a backup battery.
  • Great in an emergency

    posted by gsr2012

    - Feels very solid. I don't ever see this breaking. - looks nice and discreet. - Small. Easy to pack away. - Very easy operation. - Comes with cable for both charging the battery and charging my phone (same cable - just flip it around).
    The Micro usb cable barely goes into the port on the device. This isn't a bad thing per say, but when I'm used to cables fully inserting I risked breaking it by thinking it wasn't in properly. - USB ports were misaligned but this was easy to fix by unscrewing the retaining ring and realigning them. I don't count this as a con as it was a quick fix and doesn't affect the usability of the battery. - The battery doesn't have a switch. From using other DX batteries I believe it simply 'turns on' when you plug in a cable and 'turns off' when you unplug the cable.
    I bought this as a gift for someone who's not as technical. Very easy to use and I'm pleased with it. I think this would be nearly perfect if it just had a charging light so I knew what the battery was doing! Frustrating to not know if it's dead or if it's even charging.
  • Great product at a good price

    posted by SkySmoker

    - Simplicity and ease of use; - Lightweight and compact; - Convenient for travel; - Easy to carry anytime, anywhere; - Suitable for charging any equipment (and experienced with the phone, tablet and camera).
    Comfortable and practical thing, if you travel frequently or go on business trips, and the ability to charge your phone or tablet is not always available. But the capacity of the battery is not too high.
    Delivery is fast, useful device, the price is low. I recommend it!
  • Great portable charger!

    posted by nznigel

    Fast chargingUses standard mini usb connector for charging2 USB output ports (1A and 0.5A)Simple LED to indicate charge level
    We used this on a recent trip to the US. I had a Samsung S3, couple of "burn phones" (arrghh - who wants to pay roaming fees), an iPhone and iPad. We used this to charge every device at various points in the trip and found it very capable.
    Extremely good value when you want to have portable power for charging devices.
  • Great charger!

    posted by Bergmans

    Just got this charger and it works great! The silver looks really nice! great paint en very nice LED's inside. It charges good. And the product is very cheap! It's a bit more expensive than the black one my brother has. but it looks nicer so just buy this one ;)
    VERY VERY fast delivery! The fastest one since a couple of years!
    I bought a lot of stuff on dx and the delivery is getting faster and faster! The product is good and very cheap. Don't hesitate, just buy!!

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