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emergency mobile power rechargeable

Every single emergency mobile power rechargeable displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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emergency mobile power rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • practical and pretty

    posted by Jubstyle

    this product is perfect, practical. helped me in many situations of emergency. the color is beautiful and the size and weight its perfect to carry ir to everywhere.
    this product is perfect, practical. helped me in many situations of emergency. the color is beautiful and the size and weight its perfect to carry it to everywhere. the recharge is very slow, and consumes a lot of energy of the power charger, but its still very useful. i recommend
    indeed, everybody should have this emergency power charge, because its practical, beautiful, and easy to handle and carry it to everywhere.
  • Great in an emergency

    posted by gsr2012

    - Feels very solid. I don't ever see this breaking. - looks nice and discreet. - Small. Easy to pack away. - Very easy operation. - Comes with cable for both charging the battery and charging my phone (same cable - just flip it around).
    The Micro usb cable barely goes into the port on the device. This isn't a bad thing per say, but when I'm used to cables fully inserting I risked breaking it by thinking it wasn't in properly. - USB ports were misaligned but this was easy to fix by unscrewing the retaining ring and realigning them. I don't count this as a con as it was a quick fix and doesn't affect the usability of the battery. - The battery doesn't have a switch. From using other DX batteries I believe it simply 'turns on' when you plug in a cable and 'turns off' when you unplug the cable.
    I bought this as a gift for someone who's not as technical. Very easy to use and I'm pleased with it. I think this would be nearly perfect if it just had a charging light so I knew what the battery was doing! Frustrating to not know if it's dead or if it's even charging.
  • Good choice

    posted by gugahdl

    It's very helpful. Lots of times helped me when I didn't have time to stop and recharge my phone.It's cheap, easy to use, very portable and can be use with multiple products.
    Despite the problems, it's a good choice. Just remember to recharge this battery with caution.The USB port to recharge the devices is very though.
    Good price and easy to use, but careful with inner battery recharge.
  • rescuer

    posted by Bomba112

    Can be used as a power adapter for the device. The build quality and materials is high, a good conductor. Very easy to use. Lights, the charging and discharging of a different color. Small in size. A pleasure to hold in your hands, a very high-quality assembly. In your pocket or bag will be visible. Fallback to recharge the phone!
    Great device at a reasonable price
    I can recommend to everyone. Can be used in different situations. I gave my wife to be safe. What would her phone was always running. To look at a beautiful place in the bag and does not take much.
  • 6600mAh Emergency Mobile Power Rechargeable Batte

    posted by tanyamarin

    -Very Light product-Came with different adapters-The Input charger cable it's the same that you use in output chargers. Not neccesary a extra one-When the battery is fully charged,It's enough to charge my Iphone 4 twice and my digital camera (touch screen)1 time in a 100%
    This extrernal Battery works for me,It's what I waiting for. The lights functions to show how much charge keep in the battery is very helpfull and also the red/ green light to advice if the External Battery is fully charged.
    I think that this battery it's very helpfull for a travelers that need to charge small device like cellphones or digital cameras in a emergency situations.

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