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  • Sturdy, well thought out.

    posted by snout

    Has a good if a bit weak white LED that is on while the unit is on, regardless of anything being connected or not. Has a battery check button on the side with three leds (blue-green-red) to show status. The 'thick nokia' mentioned above is a standard mini-USB. Has both regular USB and a smaller (now I can't think of the name..) round plug for output.
    None really. Except, well, build quality is a lot better than the similar one from ebay (which was black with no battery status and a blue led for 'turned on' state), of which I ordered two and both needed a capacitor change shortly after arriving from 'cheap SMD electrolyte' to 'working round-type electrolyte'..
    Works just fine, and dam' cheap!Will buy more of these whenever I see the need. (Got three in total already.)
  • usefull tool. attempted clone of iSound

    posted by daveyjane

    all the same buttons and features. All much cheaper than the King of Backup Power. but that's the good news. its cheaper. It works. Give it some decent batteries. It will run on less than the full compliment. But once its opened, [phillips,] one might as well fill it up.
    Buy the best of batteries for it, or find them in quality P.Supplies for laptops. I'm using 3400maH Panasonics from dealextreme -four pack- $8.xx each. You can always use them in other backup supplies. If you drop this one you will surely break the case. "Hasn't happened, yet." But it sure will someday.
    cheaper clone, ... but works. Innards all good enough to get the job done. NO user manual. but the reviews here will one-day comprise one.
  • quite bright

    posted by paultech

    Small, very bright. Usable with nearly any USB power source such as laptops , battery chargers and USB batteries.The light is relatively unfocused so it good for activities near the light only. One one of my tablets it will illuminate my face when using the front camera, not the room.
    Uses 120mA at 5V
    Handy, but keep it in a safe place.
  • Awesome charger!

    posted by FunFrog

    It really prevents my OVERVOLTED and OVERCLOCKED to 1,5Ghz HTC HD2 to discharging when i playing Backstab HD with 100% brightness and connected ICQ through Wi-Fi in background!!! And it charges my phone when screen is locked. Looks like it gives us more power then the regular computer USB port! I`m using 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries (sku.12720) with it. And i think there will be a greater charging results with an 1.5V batteries, but i haven`t much money to buy every day a new pair of batteries.
    Also there is a good quality cable (much better then ones i bought there for $2.32 or something)
    Build Quality of this charger is even better, then on DX photos! It looks almost like genuine belkin or apple products!
    And finally, the font of "EMERGENCY CHARGER" title looks like the font of ER TV Series title, so it`s a big plus for fans like i am.
    Yes, the Data+ and Data- on the USB port are shortened like in original charger! It means that our phones will try to take all power they needed, without any limits.
    If the red led is not lit when phone is connected and charging is enabled, or it lights very dimly then you just need to replace batteries.
    That gadget is absolutely worth the money! For $5.30 you get an USB porrt in your pocket with good data cable (yeah, it can works as usual data cable!).
  • Good stuff

    posted by tcoopman

    Great tool for charging any phone, mp3 player, Gps and further on.The switch is useful to put off the deviceI loaded my iphone from dead to 100% with this!
    I think i'm gonna use this alot on the summerfestivals this year, AA baterries are found everywhere and the newest generation phones don't last long

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