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  • Not bad

    posted by JohnPrice

    Has a nice weight to it, feels like a quality product. Glass breaking hammer looks like it would be very effective.
    Bought this as a gift for a family member to keep in their car in case of emergencies. Also, it comes with some kind of little plastic mount that you're supposed to clip it into... not sure how useful that would be. I think you'd be better off making your own mount or securing it inside the car yourself.
    A little too expensive in my opinion, but it feels like a good product. Would definitely be an effective glass breaking hammer, but you might want to have a backup knife in your car if you're worried about removing a seat belt quickly in an emergency.
  • A useful tool to have in your car

    posted by vmendelis

    The two most important item in this tool are the window braking hammer and the belt cutter. Both work as I tested them on an old car in the junk yard. The screwdrivers may come in handy. The long screw picker is also useful as I occasionally loose a screw in a hard to reach place. Also of note is the plastic quality, it is not the best but it should last a wile. And remember to keep it close in the car so you can reach it without unbuckling your seatbelt but keep it secure so it doesn't fall out in an accident.
    Hope you will never need to use this :)
    A must have in the car , especially if your drive takes you past rivers or lakes.
  • Great safety tool for the car!

    posted by WhiteDarkness

    Very easy to use and brightly coloured so it is easy to find in an emergency.The window breaker requires a fair bit of pressure, but releases a devastating strike. The price is a quarter of what I would pay for an identical item in a shop.
    I recommend attaching it to your rear view mirror.. that way everyone in the car can see where it is and can get to it in an emergency.
    Does exactly what it says it does.Peace of mind for a few bucks.
  • This product is much smaller than I imagined.

    posted by JCPIRESCAMPOS

    This product is so small, it can actually be used as a keychain!!Its cheep, and it will be used only in a emergency, its batter than nothing!!!
    I hope, indeed, may never need to use this product, it must be just a decoration inside the car.
    Its cheep, and it will be used only in a emergency, its batter than nothing!!!
  • It´s ok!

    posted by tsaiyuen

    It´s very small and light! This is a great casual gift to be given =)
    i still didn´t try to break some glass with it! =) i´ll try as soon as possible!
    buy it! =) give to your friends. it´s nice and unusual!


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