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This is our best emergency car, they all share a great design and great prices. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

emergency car Customers Reviews

  • Looks good value, but be careful

    posted by nige0090

    Good pricePackaging claims 3 ton limitPackaging claims hooks are forgedHooks have safety latches with springs to prevent them falling off securely
    I'll keep it in the car for emergencies but would err on the side of caution when using it.Be aware that flat towing may be illegal in your locale.I's estimate that this strap is about one quarter the thickness of my 10 ton recovery strap. This may indicate that its max load is about 2 -3 tons. But since the materials of construction may be different this may not be a fair comparison.This strap is too light to use to recover bogged vehicles (just in case anyone thought this would work as a cheap recovery strap)
    Looks good value, but be careful
  • Not bad

    posted by JohnPrice

    Has a nice weight to it, feels like a quality product. Glass breaking hammer looks like it would be very effective.
    Bought this as a gift for a family member to keep in their car in case of emergencies. Also, it comes with some kind of little plastic mount that you're supposed to clip it into... not sure how useful that would be. I think you'd be better off making your own mount or securing it inside the car yourself.
    A little too expensive in my opinion, but it feels like a good product. Would definitely be an effective glass breaking hammer, but you might want to have a backup knife in your car if you're worried about removing a seat belt quickly in an emergency.
  • Good quality, looks good

    posted by Etern1ty

    Good product, Uses 2x D batteries (not included), and is easy to mount.Ok build quality, firm and closed product. Good light range (not as good as promised though).Good view in the dark, but not so good in daylight.
    Good value, although this is one of the better of this ones actually. Tried the Red one too and it is significantly weaker. this one is recommended by me.
    I use it for an old-school police themed volvo and it works good for my purpose.
  • Great safety tool for the car!

    posted by WhiteDarkness

    Very easy to use and brightly coloured so it is easy to find in an emergency.The window breaker requires a fair bit of pressure, but releases a devastating strike. The price is a quarter of what I would pay for an identical item in a shop.
    I recommend attaching it to your rear view mirror.. that way everyone in the car can see where it is and can get to it in an emergency.
    Does exactly what it says it does.Peace of mind for a few bucks.
  • very good

    posted by gomesjoao

    it is cheap (in my country it costs more than US$ 20,00)I did not test it, but I think it will work if I need it.
    You need some patience to make it work, but when it does, the use is very easy.
    I hope I do not need to use it. And if I really need, it works.

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