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emergency battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Not really working well

    posted by Anthlon

    Compact shape, dual led info about charging/full
    good idea, missing results
    after first slow charge to full (green led) and first discharge to Cphone (charged up to 70% of 1750 internal lipo) ended charging, than after second charge of this unit, this item does not charge Cphone anymore, by other way phone is charging well, now after full it charges only some things by usb, not the phone. Voltage seems OK, led lights work from this port. But for me after one cycle does not work!
  • A must-have for smartphones

    posted by cblunardi

    It can charge my Razr I (2000mAh) 20%->95% twice, the aluminium alloy on its body make his design really nice, his size combinated with his included micro usb cable size are great for pocket charging. The usb/microUSB ports let it be charged with any phone charger
    The battery itself seems to have a good quality, I thing it will stand for at least one year
    As said before, a must-have for smartphone owners that use all of it capabilities
  • Awesome charger!

    posted by FunFrog

    It really prevents my OVERVOLTED and OVERCLOCKED to 1,5Ghz HTC HD2 to discharging when i playing Backstab HD with 100% brightness and connected ICQ through Wi-Fi in background!!! And it charges my phone when screen is locked. Looks like it gives us more power then the regular computer USB port! I`m using 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries (sku.12720) with it. And i think there will be a greater charging results with an 1.5V batteries, but i haven`t much money to buy every day a new pair of batteries.
    Also there is a good quality cable (much better then ones i bought there for $2.32 or something)
    Build Quality of this charger is even better, then on DX photos! It looks almost like genuine belkin or apple products!
    And finally, the font of "EMERGENCY CHARGER" title looks like the font of ER TV Series title, so it`s a big plus for fans like i am.
    Yes, the Data+ and Data- on the USB port are shortened like in original charger! It means that our phones will try to take all power they needed, without any limits.
    If the red led is not lit when phone is connected and charging is enabled, or it lights very dimly then you just need to replace batteries.
    That gadget is absolutely worth the money! For $5.30 you get an USB porrt in your pocket with good data cable (yeah, it can works as usual data cable!).
  • Well built

    posted by fitzie

    I especially liked this because it utilizes 3aa batteries instead of 2so the overall output will be a bit more than the normal 2 battery ones. Seems to be well built and easy to charge anything that has a 5volt charge rate. I've used it for my iPod touch and it was at 50 percent and it fully charged it buy it if you want a charger with a little extra omph it may be slightly bigger but so what!
    Could come in black but that is just my opinion otherwise im happy with it
    About time I come across a charger that has more capacity than the 2aa tyPe so buy this and you won't be dissatisfied
  • Much better than the 2xAA version but...

    posted by dtchan2

    Very light weight and easy to carry around in a pocket/purse/bag. LED indicator, and by their own words, a convenient LED flashlight.
    I have a battery meter and metered 3 fresh AA batteries prior to placing them in the unit. They registered at 1.76v on average for each. After using them in this unit in the LED Flashlight mode for 5 minute. I metered the batteries again and they only read 1.5v average. Only 5 mins of use and the LED flashlight drained 1/4 of the battery life away. So it is useless as an emergancy lamp. The RED LED indicator will flash in the flashlight mode if the batteries are too weak to operate that mode. In the OFF mode, the RED LED will flash if the batteries are dead or almost dead. The RED LED in the USB mode flashes to indicate it is supplying power to the USB port and does not indicate it is charging because it will still flash without a device plugged into it in the USB mode.
    Opening the device was tricky and best grabbed along the spine instead of the face. The cover slides down. It is best if held in your right hand between your thumb and fore finger. Then simply pull your fore finger towards the base of your thumb and the cover slides off easily. If you are left handed. Also hold between the fore finger and thumb only pull downward with your thumb.


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