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electronic wire Customers Reviews

  • Good product, right price.

    posted by antonioserrano

    English:Very good product at the right price. If you are a pro or a begginer you'll need it for prototyping in a breadboard. Good conductivity. Prefect to connect everything you need quickly and safe. It fits perfectly on a breadboard and stay fixed. Variety of colors of each wire to clearview what are you doing.Spanish/Español:Muy buen producto a un precio correcto. Si eres un profesional o un principiante los necesitaras para hacer prototipos en una breadboard. Buena conductividad. Perfecto para conectar todo lo que necesites rapidamente y seguro. Encaja perfectamente en una placa de prototipos (breadboard) y quedan bien fijados. Variedad de colores de cada cable para que veas claramente lo que estas haciendo.
    EN: Variety of colors.SP: Variedad de colores.
    EN: Good product, right price. It's a "must have"SP: Buen producto, precio correcto. Deberias tenerlo.
  • Great help in small projetc

    posted by cyriusbe

    - Easy to use- many small and long cable- light, small
    I have used this to simplify measurement of current in a circuit with several branches, much more simple to use the board and cable than go in non precise contact (well, need to cut some wire, but was so easy to make measurement, corrections then sold them back)
    Useful small things, even if deturned from primary use. (disturbing rules of 500 chars minimum need to add silly comment to reach it)
  • Specially useful for your DIY arduino project

    posted by alconcl

    - The cables really measure 30 centimeters not less.- All cables works as expected.- They female connectors fits perfectly into male pins.- good quality fabrication.
    - You really need this cables to accelerate your protype testing or electronic related projects.- The cables provide a fast way to connect and modify the circuits without worrying about loose ends or short circuits.
    - Totally recomendable product.- A must buy for arduino prototyping fans.
  • Very nice quality

    posted by phabioandre

    Very nice wire jumpers. They are robust, durable and extremely useful. I was surprised by the material, good quality wire and conectors. Extremelly cheap, these simple jumpers came in different colors and diffrente lenghts.
    Don't know what else to say, they are just as advertised, build quality is ok, and they work.
    I would recommend it to everyone, It is good made for the price. Not best wires you could get, but I don't see why would you need better.
  • Incredible useful

    posted by jojojorge5

    Those are very useful wires, now I'm able to build my projects fasterThe wires fit perfectly well on a standard breadboard and on a standard female pin header You get some different colors and sizes.The wire is actually soldered to the pin And the pin is protected by a rubber thing which gives a better feeling when you handle this plus some more durability to the wire itself.
    You don’t get an exactly assortment of colors but I don’t really mind that
    Those wires are a must have in any electronic lab and are extremely useful for hobbyist and students, I wish I had this wires before; it could have save me a lot of time.

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