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  • electric cigarette

    posted by Tinkica

    Small and easy to carry. Takes almost two days. Fast charging, about 3 hours. Easy to use. Nice looking.
    For little money you get a quality product. There are not many parts of what is good and is easy to clean and maintain. The important thing is that it is small and does not take up much space in your pocket or purse and is always easily accessible.
    Produces a good amount of smoke. It is easy to supplement with liquid. More beautiful to me than other more expensive electric cigarette.
  • high quality for a good price, good for beginners

    posted by nicugirnet

    Very good cigarette, high quality of materials and production, the container is very easy to refill and the level of liquid in it is easy to observe. It produces a consistent and dense enough cloud of "smoke", fully replacing a usual cigarette.
    maybe the company, producing this cigarette, could provide also a small portcigar, or a small, one place "cigarette" "pack", for daily carrying in a pocket or purse.
    I recommend it as it is a good product to start with, my gf already stopped smoking usual cigarettes and only smokes this cigarette for more than a month already! The tobacco stench is already long forgotten!
  • Great choice

    posted by haydeeyg

    The cost is great, also the presentation (as a real cigarette box), it is easy to use, recharge and care. The original box can be used to take the cigarette out, and keep together all the components of this product
    The presentation and the price are the better issues in this product.
    It is a good option to start to quit smoking.
  • Two e cigs and all cables too

    posted by carolmc

    Good feel, charged quite quickly and tastes fine. Filter supplied lasted quite a long time too and tasted fine too..Dunhill flavour. Feels like a real cigaretteCables supplied are worth more than I paid for the whole package.Well packaged so arrived - even if it was over two weeks from posting to arriving here, undamaged.
    Out of stock when ordered - but not informed at the time. Refills are still out of stock - over a month later!!
    I would order again - no idea how long these will last.
  • Cheap & working e-cig

    posted by HupiHepo

    - Low price. - Case with built-in charger + extendable USB-lead.- Holes for USB-lead and charger light.- Working atomizer, good amount of smoke.- No leaks in case/package.
    - Didn't try included cartridges, was marked as Malboro/High.- Cleaned cartridges and put 100% PG green tea e-juice in them instead. Worked well.- No filler material in cartridges.- Comes in a simple plastic pouch.- Battery was empty, charging time was around 30 minutes.- Build quality is a bit lacking: case edges are rough in places, and the case hinge is just a piece of steel wire cut to size and put through the hinge, leaving rough/sharp ends. Hope you have a small file to smooth things down, especially the hole for USB-lead.- The charging lead is a very thin 2-wire lead with full size USB plug on the end. Can't be too sure how long it will last. Plug fits inside the case when the lead is retracted.- Cigarette heats up right where the atomizer connects to the battery. Not too high to be a concern, but still noticeable.
    For the price, this is a nice e-cig. Costs less than the 10ml of green tea e-juice I had bought locally to use in this. Not sure of long term use: bought this just for the novelty of it (I'm a non-smoker).

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