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  • Not too bad...

    posted by kewlkiwi

    It does the job. No problem with the battery, just let it charge properly the first time. And when the power is dropping off, use the usual precautions for NiCad batteries, i.e. discharge before re-charging.
    It takes practice to learn it's use. If you think you can just pick it up and instantly open any lock... you are in for a disappointment.
    It's noisy! You wont be sneaking around in the dead of night opening your neighbors doors, because said neighbor will be tapping you on the shoulder saying "What the hell do you think you're doing?"
    Looks like it's a modified electric drill.
    For the price, it's ok, and if you have no skill at all in lock picking this may well be just what you need for the occasional times you need to open a lock without a key.
  • Great Tool ,Works Great

    posted by davoz

    Great unit that does the advertised job quick and effortlessly.
    If you can find it cheaper good luck!
    I have been looking for a quality EPG(electric pick gun) for a while now and after reading about users having problems with the batteries in the other listed EPG it was great to see this unit here.
    Shipping to Australia was OK,about 21 days.
    Comes with enough charge to open a lock and enough picks to open most locks.
    Works on either the up or down stroke by easily turning the pick attachment over.
    Also works good as a drill for very fine work(spins fast but does not handle much load).
    The whole set goes back into its own bag which is always good.
    Great kit and the best price I have found!
    I have been waiting for a long time for a deal on these so thank you DX.
    Now we need to see spares for these like pick sets.
    Obviously not everyones cup of tea.
    I personally have never met a thief that would know how to use these let alone the patience time and money it takes to acquire this tool and learn to use it.
    For me this is a hobby and DX has been a great place to fill the toolkit for peanuts.
    Another great product for a bloody great price
  • Good for DIY.

    posted by NTurak

    Good price. Easy to install. Price is lower than in Ukraine. It is possible to use in professional applications (security, apartment buildings, offices).
    Useful device. I installed it on the door of the house. It works without problems. Convenient lock-stealth. Additionally connected radio Commanderie. Now it works with the remote control.
    Good device. A very useful device. Increases safety. Provides access control. Self-setting increases the stealth installation and improves safety.
  • Does the job

    posted by CnopsJ

    + Nice price. Some products with the same usage are way more expensive.+ Does the job. You might need some practice
    No guidebook, but the internet (youtube) is filled with nice 'how to' video's. After a while you know how to use the product.
    the price matches the quality. Good for beginners. It does the job. After a while you will know how to use it.


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