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You'll find the best electronic cigarette refills for you here. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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electronic cigarette refills Customers Reviews

  • Great and inexpensive alternative!

    posted by fisholito

    Inexpensive. "Real cigarette" flavoring, does not taste nearly as artificial as many other electronic cigarettes.
    Product package states that it has a HIGH nicotine rating. If you order many at a time there is a quite decent discount for ordering in Bulk. I use this little electronic cigarette all day every day, it is nice to be able to smoke whenever and wherever you want to without having the negative effects of real burning cigarettes.
    Would definitely recommend to a friend.
  • Nice e-cig to start with.

    posted by davemac01

    This was my introduction to e-cigs and I think it was a good taster.I moved onto an oil based unit after trying these for the first month.
    You will find yourself looking at a more expensive option almost immediately if you find that this is for you.If you don't then you haven't spent a big wad of cash.
    Good intro to vaping without having to pay the large money for an oil based unit. If you want to try vaping then give this a shot first. It will easily tell you if this is something that will assist in you giving up the smokes. They do help, although I think I may be addicted to these now!! The menthol I think is the most satisfying but that’s a matter of opinion and everyone will have a preference based on the type of cigarette you smoked (and how many) anyway. I’ve spoken to lots of people who have found these a great way to stop smoking cigarettes. The issue here is that the jury is still out on these as a “healthy” option. Some constructive data would help here but it does seem to have the cigarette companies shaking in their boots. Why else would they be supporting campaigns against e-cigs.
  • Great product

    posted by alangiacci

    The product arrived in a timely manner, it's just the photo, very good product and very good price, very necessary if you want to quit. Metal structure of good quality and very durable. USB Adapter allows you to load the E cigarette while working. No complaints in the office, no smoke.
    Another great product from Deal Extreme.
    And could include another cigarette, to use while the other charge, for a price a bit more expensive.
    Great product. Ideal for smoking cessation. You do not aspire tar, salucion only a little water and nicotine, there are also non-nicotine cartridges (great choice). Not toxic to others in the room.
  • Cheap & working e-cig

    posted by HupiHepo

    - Low price. - Case with built-in charger + extendable USB-lead.- Holes for USB-lead and charger light.- Working atomizer, good amount of smoke.- No leaks in case/package.
    - Didn't try included cartridges, was marked as Malboro/High.- Cleaned cartridges and put 100% PG green tea e-juice in them instead. Worked well.- No filler material in cartridges.- Comes in a simple plastic pouch.- Battery was empty, charging time was around 30 minutes.- Build quality is a bit lacking: case edges are rough in places, and the case hinge is just a piece of steel wire cut to size and put through the hinge, leaving rough/sharp ends. Hope you have a small file to smooth things down, especially the hole for USB-lead.- The charging lead is a very thin 2-wire lead with full size USB plug on the end. Can't be too sure how long it will last. Plug fits inside the case when the lead is retracted.- Cigarette heats up right where the atomizer connects to the battery. Not too high to be a concern, but still noticeable.
    For the price, this is a nice e-cig. Costs less than the 10ml of green tea e-juice I had bought locally to use in this. Not sure of long term use: bought this just for the novelty of it (I'm a non-smoker).
  • Great product

    posted by kristo2008

    Good quality, low price.. works well. usb, wall and car charger included, what is good for all people. If you cant charge battery with computer, then u can do it with wall or car charger.The e-cigarette is easy to use. The e-cigarette is very handy, and you smoke less or no ordanary cigarettes.
    Very good product, i reccomend it for all. nice price, quality. Have all chargers, 10 refills. 5+
    very good.


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