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The perfect electronic cigarette refills apple here to meet all your needs. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Of course, you can find them from electronic cigarette refill flavor, women refills electronic cigarette. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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electronic cigarette refills apple Customers Reviews

  • Refreshing Sweet smooth flavour

    posted by justbeachin

    I am not sure what this tastes like, it is fruity, and sweet and could be apple flavor. It is mellow, and a very nice change, if your like me, and you like to mix it up! The different colours offered are wonderful, because it makes it a heck of a lot easier to figure out what your grabbing! Other than that, it is your standard cartridge, that fits most of the mini e ciggerettes here on DX.
    Good value for money, a tasty fruity vape. I think I said all I can about these cartridges.
    Good choice for varity, will order again.
  • Apple flavor is good

    posted by charlielovesser

    Not too strong of a flavor, but without nicotine leads to improved health on my part. Cheap refills that produce a quality amount of smoke to satify craving of myself a long time smoker
    The packing is minumal and could lead to product being crushed and making the refills not good by time recievied in the mail. One cant complain too much for this price
    cheaper than a couple of packs of cigs that these refills replace and if it aides in me quitting the real thing can only be happier in my life and with my wife and children over time.
  • Best gadget ever!

    posted by fede1608

    -It's exactly the same as a regular cigarrette-Green-apple flavour, Actually taste like apple-Excellent presentation, comes in a really nice box, with everything well packaged.-Actually prdoces a harmless smoke-Perfect for quitting smoking
    If you are not a smoker, it's super fun to look like one without the harms. However if you are, it can save your live, replacing the actual cigarrettes.
    I recommned buying this and a pair of extra refills.
  • A very cheap and good product!

    posted by Emtrei

    As any other product on DX the first good thing about this product it's the price, getting 24 cent's per cartridge and 2.40 $ per 10 pieces. Really easy to use it and very well packed so they can't broke apart or get any other damage when it's shipped. You don't get that burn taste, like you get from other cartridges, but you won't get a very powerfull taste of apple. But I think for this price it's very good, because at first you will feel the flavour of green apple more powerfull and less powerfull when it's almost empty.
    Very cheap, easy to use, and with a good flavour make this product a best-buy in my opinnion!
    If you are a daily smoker or not, you need to try this because it's something new and it's a bargain!

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