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electronic cigarette rechargeable atomizer

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electronic cigarette rechargeable atomizer Customers Reviews

  • Good Electronic Cigarette

    posted by Daitarn3

    I'm smoking electronic cigarette since two years and i can say that this item is very good. Price is reasonable and overall quality is good. Battery comes with an LCD display that shows battery state of charge and puffs done since last charge.Every time you charge the battery, puffs counter will reset.
    Price is cheap and quality is good . USB charger is included and the Tank System works fine.
    You can buy it
  • Excellent article!

    posted by fabiuscn

    Very excellent article. Pleasant to the touch, provides a feeling of softness to the touch. A pretty blue light of the button, a very powerful battery, the charge lasts almost a day. Great quality/price ratio. 5 clicks mechanism very precise! Is not excessively heavy, not too long, it is very easy to carry. Purchase very recommended even if you have other e-cig ... The box is very useful and robust, very useful also the bottle with needle ...This can be a valid replacement and also a good gift idea, certainly much appreciated.
    Recommendation to buy more pieces!
    Do not fear this purchase, but instead buy as at least two pieces!
  • excellent battery

    posted by catastrophegirl

    lasts longer than the other ce4 batteries i have from a local store and from a friend who works for a retail ecigarette website.compatible with the other ce4 and the ego mini parts that i own
    the texture of the black coating is unusual, but not bad and it definitely slips out of my pocket less frequently than the smooth enameled ecigs i own
    i would absolutely buy this again.
  • Smoking Alternative

    posted by Woodmansey

    The EGO T E-Cigarette 1100mAH is a great product, it has excellent battery life for 4 refills and with the extra unit it makes a full day without recharge. As a heavy 'roll you own tobacco' smoker I have found that using a HIGH grade oils has worked well and has significantly reduced my smoking habit. The components of this e-cigarette are easily replaced if necessary to ensure you keep on track.
    When I purchased this item to ensure that my smoking plan stayed on track I purchased other items, they are SKU Nos: 279223; 257634 (1300mAh batteries); 164336 and 167517 all for back-up spares.Just reordered some other items to supplement this product, they were, SKU Nos: 252932; 273525 (never enough power); and 268460 because I found that the see through atomiser works very effective with this EGO T.
    The bottom-line is that most parts of the EGO T and EGO CE4 are interchangeable so experiment a little if you have read the other review on the EGO CE4. Ensure you stay within the battery ranges of 1100 and 1300mAh or you may destroy the atomisers - unsure as it has not occurred to me.Never give up giving up, stay healthy and stick to your goal, all the best.
  • Not one, but TWO?!

    posted by Crossbeat

    Very good, works perfectly and a very good price for two e-go cigarettes. The circle designs are a nice little addition and you get the whole package in the pictures. 2 e-cigs and 2 CE4 atomizers, charging cord and adapter, instructions, empty e-liquid bottle with needle for easy refill, and a black hard case (about the size of a glasses case).
    I just use the one e-cig, and I'll save the 2nd one for when the first one doesn't work anymore, which will probably be a while.
    Pretty much you get 2 e-cigs + bonus equipment for under $20! Great for starters as it's my first e-cig as well. Happy vaping! :3

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