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electronic cigarette nicotine refill

The electronic cigarette nicotine refill your looking for is one of our top sellers. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Browse the products from electronic cigarette no nicotine refills, or some other related Pages like electronic cigarette high nicotine refill. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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electronic cigarette nicotine refill Customers Reviews

  • Good mint flawor

    posted by Zanga2

    The best deal you can get is to buy minim 5 of this to activate bulk rate. Also the quantity of oil inside lasts for about ~150 mouths of smoke, so this translates to a lower cost than using real cigarets. We also know this are allot more healthier than normal tobacco. I have bought this for a friend of mine who likes mint flavor. He says it has a very good taste.
    Thy come in a nice plastic case, and also they can be recharged with different oils / favored found on DX. Or maybe you can combine them to create mint-o-strawberry.
    They are perfect match with SKU 52142. The cartridges can be placed in the pack (6 cartridges + 1 atomizer), enough for one day.
  • good flavor lots of vapor my pack says 0mg though.

    posted by enzoe

    very good flavor. lots of vapor. my pack says 0 mg on it I been quitting smoking for awhile now and hardly ever smoke regular cigs. so i couldn't tell u if it actually has nicotine in it or not. nice packaging sturdy holding case for your carts. you could use spent carts. to refill with oil also.
    decent price great flavor easy to use, just dont jam it onto your cig too hard if it punctures the foil you should be good to smoke even if it doesnt go all the way on.
    wish it didn't say 0mg on it prolly doesn't have nic but if it saiid it did i could prolly trick myself into beleiving it did then find out later it doesn't n quit smoking easier. lmao rotfl. ;-[]
  • Good product

    posted by alen230

    Good substitute for real cigar, but only to satisfy need for nicotine. looks like a real cigar, easy to use, moderate tobacco, no need for high(for me)
    Depends on the smokes refills can last from couple of hours to half a day, and it is advisable to buy additional refills, immediately after purchasing this cigar.
    You wont get anywhere this good e-cigar for this money, but dont use as a substitute, only to satisfy need for nicotine
  • Apple flavor is good

    posted by charlielovesser

    Not too strong of a flavor, but without nicotine leads to improved health on my part. Cheap refills that produce a quality amount of smoke to satify craving of myself a long time smoker
    The packing is minumal and could lead to product being crushed and making the refills not good by time recievied in the mail. One cant complain too much for this price
    cheaper than a couple of packs of cigs that these refills replace and if it aides in me quitting the real thing can only be happier in my life and with my wife and children over time.
  • nice pink

    posted by LybaMalina

    normal product, the taste is not bad. Not all cartridges can smoke, eat, defective products, they just flowed, or give pungent taste, but overall not a bad substitute.
    normal product, the taste is not bad. Not all cartridges can smoke, eat, defective products, they just flowed, or give pungent taste, but overall not a bad substitute.
    I think need to produce packaging that contains more than 20 pieces. This will be beneficial and convenient to use and smoking at home.
    Beware the girl, who has long nails, the box is opened not simply ask, to break your nails will be unpleasant. I have experience
    buy and try. Only for slim cigarettes

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