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electronic box Customers Reviews

  • Good box for small things

    posted by chiby

    The box is made by good plastic. It is a bit harder to open, and this prevents accidental opening, so it's a pro. 8 small section good to storage small hardware things like small screws or connectors, or to storage small stationery items such as pins and staples, or even electronics thing like transistors, capacitors and other.
    Good packages, good quality, measurements are the same as written on the sticker on the bottom of the box.
  • Nice to have around

    posted by Oyecomova

    - It looks great- It's a novelty- It has a good size for a table lighter- Looks well built- Looks exactly like in the pics
    Get one, is fun.
    If you smoke or not is a nice lil thingy to have around, something u can fiddle with while ur focusing on something since u can play with the little dices in it.It could even work as a mini flashliht since the LED is so strong.Ppl reaction when they see it lets u know it's a cool little gadget or whatever u wanna call it.
  • Not bad boxes

    posted by joaomrq

    Cheap and configurable store spaces inside the box wich allows to store from little to large things
    It's very handy and, since they are stackable, it's a good storage solution. The spaces are configurable and the separators can be removed for a more wide space
    Not bad for the price and helps to keep a small lab tidy, especially for electronics components wich tend to get lost, i use it specially for this purpose and i'm happy with it, so far
  • The box

    posted by philipborg

    -Solid build-21 "shells"-Good lock-Extra slot under the "shells"-Removable "shells"-Snugs easily back together-Small backend from cap holder-Semi transperant-Barely any gap between cap and shell level which make it barely sound anything when moving.-Different colors on "shells"-Rather air tight-Curved shells
    Good if you need to sort up all your small thing and also a great second level space for bigger thing. Do not expect to be able to story any high or long objects in this box. Long items works on bottom level but not in the "shells". For this price it would be better if it was 2 floors with only shells instead. Still great buy if you are looking for a box for your smaller stuff.

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