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electricity plug Customers Reviews

  • Awesome product!!!

    posted by magodeozwarcry

    It works!!!My bill from 1500 pesos (120USD) goes to 800 pesos (63usd), I'm gonna re-order at least 5 or 10 more, my neighborhood wants for all houses.
    It's a good product to start a business at your country, I'm doing it!!!An easy to use, only put it, in a energy field, like whatever electronic thing, like tv, or DVD, or fridge, etc...It saves energy, much energy!!!
    Awesome!!! Few by few gonna re-order more, to start a business in my country, it works perfectly, and it can target of family's to save energy.
  • just be pationt and wait until you bill is comming

    posted by dmitrev

    just be pationt and wait until you bill is comming and you will see how it works!!!
    it will decrease youh home bill if you have got motored items at home like fridge, vacuum cleaner, and normal conventional air conditioner
    there are lots of saving money items, many of them cheap!
    good for buying, try it

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