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electrical pvc insulation Customers Reviews

  • Yep, that's electrical tape, all right

    posted by dansdata

    Every home should have electrical tape. It's got a million and one uses. Two rolls for $1.99 is a fine price.
    Two bucks for two rolls seems a little on the high side, here on DX where everything costs almost nothing. Compared with normal shop prices in the Western world, though, it's still great value.
    Electrical tape's particular qualities make it very useful for all sorts of jobs that other tapes can't do. Taping a temporary sign to a wall, for instance; electrical tape will hold firmly, but will also be easy to remove without removing paint as well.
    All this, if you ask me, more than makes up for the fact that this sort of tape is not actually very good for any sort of non-temporary insulation job.
  • Perfect for DIY electronic work.

    posted by CPyoshi

    It´s slim, sleek and have a nice looking color.M3 is printed on the tape and added that extra star for quality.Quality in general is great, it sticks well to surfaces and hindering unwanted electricity to move around freely.
    There are other SKU´s for more colours, since i use mine in transparent game consoles the colour for me was important, I did not want regular black tape to be shown trough the plastic, red look a lot better!
    Will buy a blue one next time, would recommend this product to everyone who wants nice looking adhesive tape.
  • Good electrical insulative tape

    posted by shootking

    The adhesive tape is of normal thickness. It sticks good to the surface and stays in shape even if stretched. Good for isulating cables and to hide marks on a white surface. I used it to fixate cables through a door opening. It worked great so far and the cables stays in place. The color of the tape also hides the cables as my door is white.
    Seems to absorb differences in the surface that it is attached to.
    Good tape for insulation. Could be useful in a lot of places.
  • good produck

    posted by OleEHolt

    this product is of good quality. and it cheap.i had to but this here because it was impossible to buy a yellow electrical tape in my local stores.
    not a quality product. but its a great product at this price.- i used it in the engine compartment in my car, to get all the wires together and make a clean surface. this tape doesn't have the same rubber as other tapes, so it easily get oil stains when you touch it. but it doesn't matter if your not using it for places you can see the tape.
    its a good product for the money. sticks to surfaces really good. but it easily get dirty, so its not great for use in places you can see.

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