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You will be surprised our best electric shock with an artful design and an amazing price. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. With your support, we can do better.

electric shock Customers Reviews

  • Hilarious gag pen

    posted by Muges

    this pen is a pretty good build and is made of metal at the top to shock you. This pen also works as a real pen and you can trick people by doing that!
    Its very fun to use on friends and family and makes people very frustrated.
    Great to watch peoples reactions, Good price. plastic is a bit cheap and may break easily if someone gets shocked and throws it but hey, its so cheap, just buy a few! I love it
  • Brilliant

    posted by Butz69

    Looks like regular bottle opener
    Gives fairly strong shock
    These things are great and the most fun you can have for a few Euro. Simply place beaside bottles of beer and see all your mates pick it up and get shocked when using it, the reaction is brilliant as the shock is pretty high just expect the odd bottle of beer to be dropped!
    Get it you cant go wrong if you find the thoughts of someone screaming with shock causing loads of laughter when opening beer then this is for you
  • Great item! I really love this one!!

    posted by ironchow

    - great 2 led light- great laser- gives a good buzzI use mine mainly as a flashlight for emergency! And the shock features really works great! love having it! too bad i have sold mine! I'm waiting for dx to have this on sale! lol!
    best item on shock gag this and the shock lighter! love them!!
    buy!! buy!! buy!! buy!! buy!! buy!! buy!! you cant go wrong with this one! best combo of laser and light
  • Buen producto para hacer bromas

    posted by FaustMunchausen

    -Es un procucto muy bueno para hacer bromas a la gente.-Pega unas descargas del carajo. Como no te lo esperas te pega buen susto :)-Si trabajas en una oficina, te puedes reir una pasada de los incautos :)
    Ninguno de mis compañeros de trabajo volverá a coger un boligrafo sin mirarlo antes :)
    No le puedes hacer la misma broma a la misma persona dos veces :) A alguno si...
  • Have fun

    posted by Kekkis

    The laighter is solid make and my lighter have worked well over a month now. Intresting look gets people to handle this and its only a matter of time when they scream and throw it away.Guite easy to use as ordinary lighter and then loan it to a pal.
    It looks quite nice, so you can leave it on the table and wait someone to pick it up.
    Nice looking lighter with what you can have some fun.

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