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  • Can't go wrong for teh price, great toy

    posted by jikumar

    This lighter is pretty fantastic. I really like using it and the electric shock gets everyone. The flame is really big and the color is awesome. It fits right into your hand and is actually bigger than I thought it would be.
    I got it for my girlfriend, but I use it more than she does now....not sure how happy she is about that....
    I would reccoment this and buy it as a gift or for myself if/when this one breaks.
  • Does what it should, and more..

    posted by CouponCutter

    When I got this pen, I shocked myself right away, be accident. I was trying to open it, and it shocked me. My whole arm was shaking, and I felt the after-shock for a long time. It really works great, and for this price, why not?
    Buy it, it is so much cheaper than buying it from one of those expensive toy stores.
    Last about a month of good use, maybe more. Really cheap way of tricking your friends, and getting a good laugh. Buy it!
  • Funny

    posted by riketti1

    It's super fun! I told my friends to try my new lighter and when they pressed the trigger they almost threw it to the ground! The sock is not big it feels weird but it does scare everyone. Took some time until i could pull the trigger myself! Oh yes and the lighter is also good! Price is good because you get a lighter, a laser and a shock device.
    Anyway it's a good lighter and everyone probably tries to light it by pulling the trigger and they get the electric shock.
    Great for pranks!
  • A lot of fun in school!

    posted by Fredrikeen

    It's both a functional pen at the same time as it scares the life out of people. I've borrowed it away to classmates regulary and the look on their face and the girl's screams is awesome every single time. It's cheap, working in both the writing-way and scaring-way.
    It's a really realistic pen because of it's functionality at the same time that it scares people.
    Have had a lot of fun with this one, and it's also functional which is great. It doesn't cost much, which is also great.--- RECOMMENDED ---
  • Have fun

    posted by Kekkis

    The laighter is solid make and my lighter have worked well over a month now. Intresting look gets people to handle this and its only a matter of time when they scream and throw it away.Guite easy to use as ordinary lighter and then loan it to a pal.
    It looks quite nice, so you can leave it on the table and wait someone to pick it up.
    Nice looking lighter with what you can have some fun.

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