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  • Good

    posted by leandrorocha123

    great massager. It has a great vibration, is strong, but not to the point of pain or hurt. it consumes little stack. Small and easy to use, it becomes practical to do massage anytime of the day.
    The price may be lower. Here in Brazil it costs almost the same price, and manufacturing is also Chinese
    this product is good for you to feel pain everyday in any part of the body is a product that relaxes without the need of person to do some massage on you!
  • It won't cure you

    posted by taolviv

    It supports your cushion and vibrates. I guess you'll feel the benefit from it on long distance trips. If you drive from home to work you can leave it at home.
    The quality should be better, I prefer to have more reliable product, I would rather pay twice more to have something that will really help my spine and my cushion.
    Don't expect something magical from this thing and remember the price when you're buying it.
  • Great tool for great price

    posted by AccessLock

    Tidy unit with plenty of battery life, can work really fast and easy and has gotten me out of plenty of sticky situations in apartment buildings and old places with 201 cyls.
    Case could be custom foam fitted to prevent tool banging around.Could have the option to order replacement picks (I like the toothed one).
    Good price and the tool is great for upside down cyls, LW201 cyls and lever handles.
  • Nice product !

    posted by legsim

    The LCD has a great size, so you can read it easily.
    The built-in battery is very useful, and the energy consumption is low, it stayed for 3 months out off power without any problem !
    It would be nice if it could handle ranges of less than 1 minute, because we sometimes need really precise timing, (eg. computers).
    I use it to reboot a router which sometimes freezes, and that's just what I needed, at a lovely price ! It can also work with an electric valve, so as to fill my dog's bowl.
  • Nice piece of tool. Need modded PSU.

    posted by dagjess

    Heavy powerful piece of power screwdriver with a good quality feel to it. This is probabely what they use at workstations in chinese assembly lines.
    You have to push in the front casing to install a bit. Not knowing this forced a bit in, and it got stuck and broke. Fixed it by forcing in the casing in and now it works fine. Bits are very hard. So hard there was no way to drill out the stuck fragnemt. Item can be hung from a spring assembly over your workstation.
    No regrets here. My piece was black instead of green and looks even better than on pictures.

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