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electric power Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for workbench use

    posted by kostap

    1. Almost any plug can plugged in
    2. Individual control for each socket - do not need to remove plugged devices when ton in use - just switch off the output.
    3. Thermal fuse for the power line.
    4. Line activity indication (neon lamp).
    5. Ground wire is connected as opposite to most "universal" adapters.
    Perfect for your LAB/workbench!
    Definitely worth buying if you use various power plugs and do not want to re-wire each power cable with plug suitable to your country.
  • very useful

    posted by heavylifter

    we have appliances from all over the world, we used to have separate adapters for each one, not any more. Very convenient and much neater than individual adapters. Individual lighted switches are a bonus.
    As long as your appliance has universal power switching it doesn't matter what plug it has.
    good deal
  • Great product to keep your desk clean

    posted by rpossemo

    What you see is what you get. Nice product that is very useful. Good quality of the 8 sockets with multi type of plug. Anything will fit in those.USB is very useful. You get 5 USB to charge all your gadgets. Great to get rid of all the chargers and just use the cables.
    Not much more to say about this.
    You should absolutely buy it. It will keep your cables in order, all in one place. The best part is the USB built in.
  • good for Submersible pump

    posted by DarkChewie

    Perfect for controlling irrigation system,put the device connected to a Submersible pump ...It is not necessary to improvissar switches, or putting a parallelthe device already has a button to turn off, turn on or stay on automatic.
    had no way to test whether the device actually supports devices 3000W or try to calculate its limit.when I buy a Delorean DMC 12, I can test if it can handle 1210W
    Good if you need a digital device capable of storing 10 programs on / off. this is the ideal product
  • difficulties of translation

    posted by ingvargoncharov

    It is easy to set up a timereasy to change batteryeasy to open and see what's inside
    I understood the meaning of this word (?) - output.? - 2 right contactsTwo left contacts - input
    I think this is a good device, but I have not had time to try it.if it does not work or will not work properly, I'll let you knowGood luck!


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