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  • Nicke little gaget

    posted by rostorp

    Nice Size (wrong Size in discription) - Easy to connect, the reference voltage is up to 30 Volt. Blue light is easy to see in daylight.Easy to attach, small ears to skrew in the case.
    Correct the size on the page.
    I use it on my electric 24 Volt bike - Nice !
  • Very comfortable!

    posted by MartijnGP

    - Easy installation. Removing the stock grips from my GSF600 Bandit was actually the hardest part- Solid, good quality grips and build- Heats up really fast, about 30 secs after turning them on, you start to feel the heat- Grips by itself have perfect grip to the gloves, I haven't noticed any slipping- Doesn't draw too much power. I hooked them up to the lightning wiring and the bike doesn't give a cheap when I turn them on, while I was actually expecting fuses blow- Dirt cheap compared to branded alternatives
    I love them. I usually ride my bike all year round and sometimes, winter in the Netherlands gets harsh. Those grips make winter riding much more comfortable. I've so far used them in 2 degree Celsius weather with rain, and my hands were still comfortable. However above that, the grips actually become somewhat too hot so I found myself enabling and disabling them every few minutes to maintain an average temperature. Looking forward to see how they hold up when temperatures drop below freezing.
    If you're a winter rider, get them. They are equal in quality to branded alternatives, very cheap and you will be so much more comfortable when the the less brave bikers already changed their bike for a car.
  • Keep your hand warm

    posted by vientoymar

    As many of the products of DX, it is very cheap.Of course, is all synthetic, but the feelings when you put yours hand in is very good and smooth.Has good wind protection in the union with the handlebar, it has two holes, one big for the handlebar and the small one for the brake or clutch lever.
    Half the price of anyone in Europe, but you get a small one.
    Perfect for a small bike, keep your hand warm.
  • Perfect item

    posted by creationmz

    - Easy of use- Good and big sound (audible in close helmet)- Low operating Voltage
    This is the best choice if you would like to change your blinker relay to the newer one. I tested on the MZ ETZ250 Standard. My old relay is an bimetal relay, and this item is work perfectly. You should not use any cables, wiring identical to the original.
    When I started using it, I noticed that several car is turning more attention to me. It is likely that the voice is not only heard good in helmet.
  • Perfect

    posted by bubak99

    It´s perfect spot lightingget many more light for low money ! Maybe work high beam only. life 100,000 hours + IP67 + 1500 lumens = to make this world the best choice.Who can engage light on the switch no problem. Who does not experience look for something different with complete cabling and switches. Or disposed of by the practitioner involvement
    Maybe work high beam only. Add switches and cabling, for those who are not familiar with electricity. Back cover black color is not white, it's not pretty. Package for the money it is sufficient
    Best Buy for little money

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