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electric blue Customers Reviews

  • Really easy of use

    posted by JimmyHendrix

    Just two wires for power an measuring is perfect. Nice bright blue LED displayFits in any panel or dashboardCheap and useful (by the price of a pair of LED displays you get a digital voltmeter)
    Precision is in average. I've compared with my DMM and found a 0.2v difference when measuring a 12v car battery, so it is enough highly precise for what is supposed.
    REALLY easy-to-use: just connect the wires and you get fastly the voltage. This is the cheappest DVM i've ever owned.
  • Used it for plane

    posted by Akrosupak

    Very small size of this speed controller. I used it in my glider, but I had to change some setting on the remote since throttle begins in the middle of throttle. I have to be care full when braking, because if I hit brake twice it starts reverse... not very good for planes :-))
    Nice little compact controller for any RC and also with brake.
    If you need to substitute your ontroller for older brushed motor, than you can try it for plane as I did. Go for it...
  • Very good

    posted by duduvitturi

    It's very good to use for take a massage in your girlfriend ou wife, she will enjoy a lot. When you are performing the massage on another person, it will be better if you try to put some oil on the skin of the person.
    I really recommend it to the other customers, because it is simple to use and there is no difficult to understand how to use, just press the massager to the skin that you want to have massage
    It's useful, e very good for this price, certainly you will enjoy a lot
  • Review

    posted by MarinaAlmeida

    The price is really good - I would have to pay much more for a similar one hereIt has a safety velvet line that can protect one from getting burnedIt is small to travel withSeems to work just fine
    Even though the price is really low it took almoust two months to get here
    I think that overall, the benefits overcome the cons. :)
  • Keep your hand warm

    posted by vientoymar

    As many of the products of DX, it is very cheap.Of course, is all synthetic, but the feelings when you put yours hand in is very good and smooth.Has good wind protection in the union with the handlebar, it has two holes, one big for the handlebar and the small one for the brake or clutch lever.
    Half the price of anyone in Europe, but you get a small one.
    Perfect for a small bike, keep your hand warm.

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