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elastic support Customers Reviews

  • pretty good

    posted by mintycake

    I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and I sometimes have wrist pain from using the mouse.
    This product has a very strong hold!
    You can control how strongly you want it to wrap around your wrists.
    Relieves stress from the wrist while protecting it.
    Overall, pretty good. It's worth having one of these in case of wrist pain.
  • Good wrist support, could be used in sports or weight training

    posted by amedtech

    This brace is amazing for the price, even a bandage where I live costs about 5 dollars. It's easy to use, washable and gives good range of motion. There's English instructions on the back as well which is a bonus. It doesn't cut off circulation so even when you wear it for a prolonged period of time, there's no numb or tingling sensation.
    I used to use bandages witch would smell after a while so I'd throw it out. This brace is very reusable.
    Great product for athletes, or people with musculoskeletal or repetitive strain injury
  • Very useful thing +++

    posted by Konstantin1

    Dramatically reduce sensation of pain in elbow joints. Perfect fits to my elbow joint. It is rather easily to put on and take off. I just turn it inside out. Both sides are identical. It can be washed with warm soapy water. I bought one support a couple of months ago and then immediately ordered the second one.
    I will probably order another staff from the same manufacturer -- Protective Sports Elastic Knee Support Brace (0 (0 reviews) SKU: 91055).
    Perfect for workout with weight bar and dumbbells, especially if you use large weights for biceps and triceps exercises. I would highly recommend these protection elbow supports for fitness and bodybuilding.
  • Very good product! A happy brazilian customer here

    posted by MAMachado

    This was an excellent purchase!! I have twisted both my ankles playing soccer, and I have been searching for an elastic brace support forever! Almost none that I tried worked as I desired, so I gave it a shot to DX. And this product did not let me down. It allows you to play soccer (my case) without all the insecurity of twisting your ankles again.It gives a good stability without pressuring too much.
    Good material (does not look cheap) and it offers security for any sports practice.
    A very good product that satisfied my need perfectly.
  • Good and cheap ankle belt wrap.

    posted by Neomaxis

    The first one, is that is very cheap, less than 4 dollars. Is cheaper than anyone you can buy outside.it is very easy to use. It helps to hold your ankle in its right position. Useful for prevention.
    Maybe the seller should try to express the size of the ankle belt wrap as a function of footwear.
    Is a product that does not have the best quality in the market, but for that price you can not get something better. The ankle belt wrap support does the job for a reasonable cost.

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