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  • Nice look and cheap

    posted by Kasatkin

    - Very cheap
    - Good looking gadget for dancing party
    - Works as claimed, recognizes music beat (exactly low frequencies)
    No other thoughts found yet
    Buy this. It's cheap. Light flashing smiles will bring you good mood.
  • Most likely better on anything else than garments

    posted by elbowski

    Delivers what you'd expect for this price :)
    Cable connecting the battery pack and the transfer is not slotted, so it can be connected either way around. This does not damage either part, but simply, the direction to which the visualizer graphics are activated gets reversed.On a 3VDC supply, the current draw is slightly under 180mA with the visualizer completely lit. Thus, don't expect to get many hours of use from a set of batteries.I also tested running the product on a +5VDC supply and with this, the current draw went up to around 300mA. With this voltage, you'll get more brighter light from the visualizer. Not sure how the increased voltage and current draw might affect in the long run. This also increased the high-pitched sound emanating from the internal transformer.
    I can't really see this product permanently sticking to a garment or able to withstand machine wash with the double-sided tape included. If you're planning to do so, using some sort of a textile glue might prove more long-lasting.The product is definitely a lot better if attached to any other surface more solid (f.ex. plastic or wood).
  • Cool effect and nice and long - over 8 feet of flexible green light!

    posted by jernst67

    Good price for the light outputI ran this at 3 V, 5 V and 12 V. Obviously at the lower voltages the light is not as bright but it's really neat.It's nice and long - at over 8 feet long, there's a lot of material to work with.
    I like it and am happy with it overall.
    I think this was a good buy and have purchased several others in different colors. I like the wide voltage range I can work with and it will look cool when my project is completed.
  • nice,but a gag for only a night?

    posted by JensF

    This shirt is really nice and works quite well. it reacts on music, as well as talking and footsteps etc.
    this tshirt is the absolute eyecatcher in every disco!
    a must have for this price.
    Other shirts like this are about 60-70$.
    I dislike the big smileys.
    There are 6x9 smileys on the panel, i expected something like 10x20, like shown on the pictures.
    they are about 1cm in diameter, which is too big in my opinion.
    so dx: pls get a shirt with a plate which is not sewed on the shirt and with smaller dots, or please don't take this big smileys.
    a nice shirt for a night, it is cool looking and you will be the king in the disco for this evening.
    but after that night you probably can throw it away,because you can't wash it (not sure about drywashing).
  • Very nice, cool effect at night

    posted by tigoaraujo

    Easy to install, very simple, no need special tools.it took me less than 5 minutes to complete the installation
    Very nice, cool effect at night.especially if used in car with insulfim the glass as the lights appear only the LED thereby demonstrating a large bargraph, however do not have the same effect in daylight
    i'll buy more one

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