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ego cigarette Customers Reviews

  • Nice taste, great smoke.

    posted by Peterlaar90

    I bought this product for my Ego-t, as i am kinda lazy. This product seems to be ideal for lazy people. You just pop the cartridge in to your electronic cigaret, and there you go!The cappuccino flavor is quite nice. These cartridges produce a lot of smoke combined with the ego t, which i bought on deal extreme as well.
    Just use this sometimes, use other tastes for your major smoking time.
  • Nice V.V . battery

    posted by rabbak

    Love it . the ability to change voltage is great if you are using the cartomizers with the different resistance - you always can get the same amount of vapor regardless if your atomizer have 1.8 , 2 or 2.5 Ohm - just change the voltage . The indicator of the remain charge is a great feature - you will find yourself with the empty battery in the middle of the use.
    The size of the Variable Voltage 650 mAh battery is the same as the size of 950 mAh battery without Variable Voltage feature - the led indicators made the battery a bit longer .
    strongly recommended for the advanced user . The price is OK and ot well made .
  • Very large thank atomizer

    posted by AJLB

    It takes a lot of juice, more than enough for a full day of usage.It can be bought in different colors to match batteries.Producing a large amount of vapor, it can nicely bring out the e-liquid flavor.It's easily disassembled for cleaning and that is very convenieent when changing to a different e-liquid flavor.
    It's a good deal and it vapes very well. The large capacity helps in less refills.
  • ego-t 1300mah

    posted by gixifin

    Long lasting battery. you don't have to charge it every day in my use it lasts for couple days. Covering is matt black and feels smooth.
    Price is good and i recomend these for hard use. There is two battery in packet. Other one is a reserve and other is in use. So you don't have to be afraid to run out of power.
    If you are looking for low price and long lasting batterys for e-cigarette you should buy these.
  • Good Cheap Clearomizer

    posted by Poyboy

    The price is right, $2.20Produces good amounts of vapourGood clean finish, seems like a quality productNo leaks!
    I should of bought more of them, had it for about a week and no troubles but from what ive read it should be about to pop any day now.I would reccomend cleaning these in a pan of boiling water every other day and letting it sit with some vodka for a while, and then cleaning out with water every fourth day if you can. Extend the life abit
    If you need to buy a clearomizer buy this. its great does the job and its cheap

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