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egg shaped Customers Reviews

  • Make eggs be fun again! (?)

    posted by zimmund

    It's fantastic. Who wants odd egg shaped eggs? with this molds you can transform an ordinary egg into an amazing car/fish shaped egg. IT WORKS. And it's fun, don't matter your age. Both childeren and adults will like it.
    HOW TO USE IT: it's easy! Put an egg in water. Heat it till the water starts boiliing (bubbles and movement in the water). Turn off the heat (so the yolk doesn't turn greyish yellow -this isn't important anyway-) and wait 8 minutes (so the egg can turn into a boiled egg!). Meanwhile fill a bowl with cold water. Remove the egg carefully, break the shell (be careful, don't get burned!) and put the boiled egg into the mold. You'll be surprised by how easy it fits (it's like the mold sucks it into place!). Close and secure the lid, and submerge the mold in the bowl. Wait ~10 minutes and presto! You got your beautiful molded eggs. SO WORTH IT.
    Get this. It's fun :D
  • You'll need this for cute bento

    posted by Misusan

    You can make cute eggs easily, and with very little effort. They'll really cheer up any kids lunch :).
    I was very happy to get a bear and a rabbit mold. If it would be possible to choose which one you'd get it would be nicer. I bet you'd be able to use these for other things than just eggs, if you think about it for a while.
    Get them if you like cute food and sweet things!And they work really well with making bento ofc!
  • Very stylish and cool

    posted by vinifonz

    It works just fine, it look cool and it's funny, very good purchase. As it's very light you can hang it almost anywhere, fix it on the wall with tapes, velcro, etc.
    Overall is a good decorative piece and have a plus of beeing a fully functional wall clock!
    Very good price for a very nice piece of decoration! Very recomended!
  • Good for Cook

    posted by forceleon

    This product is of great help in the kitchen for those who need to prepare their recipes using the oven and do not want to burn the food or for use as a timer. simply brilliant and a comfortable size
    good product, great price and great help in the kitchen for cooks or beginners, intermediate and advanced
    To conclude whether a product is well priced to comply with its efficient and helpful not to leave food burning in the oven
  • Cute Toy Car Shaped Silicone Egg Pancake Ring

    posted by natalia505

    It's a very nice car shaped egg/pancake ring. The material is silicone. There is a specific rubber smell, but I know that it will go out very soon. The colour of this pancake ring is blue (as mentioned by the seller). The dimentions are exactly the same as are indicated in the description.
    It was packed in an ordinary PVC package. If you buy it dor present, you should find another package for it.
    This product is of high quality. If you would like to make a sirprise for your son, buy it for sure! he will be happy! This pancake ring is especially good for great funs of cars, trucks an so on!

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