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  • Very good WiFi coverage for a good price

    posted by Jochemp

    - This adapter is so small, that you should think the signal is bad, but it's not at all! Very good signal coverage, and it's so small you won't even notice it being there.- Very handy for laptops without a WiFi adapter or a defective one. Installation is very easy with the CD, and even automatically installs on Windows 7!
    Just a very good adapter for people who need WiFi signals wherever they go and don't want to use large adapters.
    Very good quality for a good price.
  • Great range, even works on Linux

    posted by the12354

    I bought this product to get wifi on my raspberry pi.It offers:-Great range-Really cheap price-Works on Windows & Linux-Supports WAP
    You need an external powered USB-Hub to use this product on a raspberry pi.For Linux you might(!) need to compile the Realtek drivers from the realtek website for yourself.But after that it really works great.
    If you need wifi(especially if you have a raspberry pi) buy this!
  • It works

    posted by MrCampos

    - Good quality. Well built, small.- Comes with a cd with the software (Mac & PC versions).- Works as advertised. It connects to the USB device (flashdrive or HDD) and enables the drive to work via WiFi.- Has apps for Android & iOS.- The Windows app has a nice interface and can be used in English.- The Android app is practical.
    It can be very useful, you can turn your external HDD into a wireless device, very practical.
    You can use Mac, Windows, Android and iOS to access the device. It also works as a bridge to the internet. First you connect the device to the HDD, then using Android or iOS you have to access it and connect to your existing wireless router. Only then it will show in the Windows app. If you don't connect it to your router as a bridge you won't be able to access with the provided Windows software. Or, if you can, there is no documentation that will explain this issue. I had a few trials and errors before being able to access it.Besides, when I connected a large HDD it recognized it but would not show a folder with many files (more than 400), it was only shown as empty and no files were listed. In the other folders, all with less than 30 files, all of them were shown.I don't know yet about the transfer speed and the quality of the connection, tests will have to be made. It will be used with an external HDD to make a cheaper media server.
  • Surprisingly good, even with no relation to its size

    posted by borkaborka

    I use two of these adapters for half a year already and I'm pretty amazed. Previously, I used the best-rated Linksys adapter, which is x5 more expensive and not even close to this one in terms of reliability and reception quality.Excellent reception. Almost never disconnects, no need to disable/enable it or whatever maintenance.
    - none -
    I use two of these adapters for half a year already and I'm pretty amazed, how such a small and cheap device can be so much better than anything branded available on the market at x5 price.
  • Fast and Stable Router

    posted by abdinegoro

    Tons of useful features, very user friendly and intuitive interface,has virtual wifi and extender features, which is usually found in more expensive wireless routers.Configured to my radius like a charm and simply works without hassle.Firewall and QoS features are applaudable for the price too
    would love it more if comes with wall-installation kit
    A product that I'm proud to own. Wish there are local distributor so I can buy more without the wait

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